Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chapter 1.4 ~ Doorman to Freedom

We always wish for power more then what we have. We want to be as fast as a cheetah, or as strong as SuperSim. Nobody realizes that sims have alot of power in their fragile bodies, more so, if we just happen to have a weapon nearby. Or a can of the cold stuff.

Strength is measured in how many weights you can lift, or how fast you can run. You don't realize how strong someone is until they turn against you.

It's not to pretty, huh? Well I made that mistake of underestimation. I underestimated what he would, or could do to me. He was fast asleep, so I was planning to sneak into the kitchen, grab a coffee, or something to keep me going for the day.

He'd had more then a few. I thought he was pretty far gone, hadn't heard a noise from the bathroom in over an hour. I take ten steps into the room, and all is fine. He still lays still, his gut moving slowly outward, then back inward, accompanied by heavy breathing that wasn't quite a snore.

Two more steps.

All good, still sleeping. Just another 5 foot til I reach the kitchen.

Another step..

And I hit a bottle cap with my toe. The metallic scratching of the lid across the wood paneling is heard, for one a few seconds, but it's enough. He wakes, and takes me to the stares. He didn't speak, only threw me to the ground, with the strength I had previously thought non existent.

The cold tiles on the floor didn't exactly soften my fall, and my knees immediately began to ache, causing me to cry out in pain. He takes his foot, and shoves me by my butt to the edge of the stairs.

How many stairs are there? Ten? Twelve? It's too many, because I knew what he had planned. I took a deep breath in, and prepared myself best I could. He took his foot to my backside, causing my to fly down the stairs, hitting every second one. I screamed, even against all my will power that wanted me not to.

I lay at the bottom, my whole body crying to me to make this constant hurting stop, but I couldn't, I couldn't. Everyday was the same, but not ever this bad. The stairs were new. A new house, almost set up in a way where I couldn't be safe in any room. I'm not sure how long I stayed there. I wasn't asleep, or unconscious, but I was on the verge of just giving up. Letting the part of me that said to end it all now take over, and take the pain away, like my very soul was screaming at me to do. But I didn't. I got up, and took myself to the bathroom. And so I'm here. The bruises came up really quite quick, and I'm surprised I'm not broken in a hundred places.

That was a week ago now. I have skin that heals itself quickly. I'm not sure if I should consider myself blessed, or cursed. It means I'm not constantly hiding my skin, but it also gives no indication of.. anything.

Its Friday again already? I'm sure it was only Friday night yesterday. Only yesterday I was forced out to the clubs as arm candy. Not again, please not again.

Again. He holds me like there's nothing wrong, like I should still be as crazily in love with hi as I was those first few months. He still kisses the nape of my neck, thinking it sends pleasure through my body, but Im scared. Only scared.

He terrifies me. I smell him. He smells the same he did the first time we met. It no longer draws me in, instead, repels me. I know that it's what I smell like too though. He forces himself on me to much for me not to smell that way. I've come so close to letting him have his way, but I still fight him away. Im not losing my innocence to him. Not over my dead, broken body.

When we arrived, he ordered all the lights dimmed, and the effects turned on. He's good friends with all the club owners, I mean, he must be their best customer, so why is it a surprise?

I was able to enjoy myself for a while. It was the only time I was aloud way from him. I could breathe! The air was stale, and stank of stale beer, and sweaty people, but I was safe. He wouldn't hurt me out here. I could do what I liked, and know he wouldn't touch me until we got back home.

It wasn't to long though, until my soreness took over, and I couldn't dance any longer. My young body had been aged dramatically by him. I hurt like an old lady, at only 24.

Laurence was ordering another one, so I stopped, and sat down on a bar table near the doorway. If he had another few, I could escape, and be outside  for a while. Alone, outside. The air could caress my body with a gentle touch I was so unaccustomed to. Yes, outside sounded really nice right now.

I watched him from afar for another half hour. He flirted with the young girl next to him. What, was she my age? Younger? I guessed on the later, as from her petite form, she looked only 19. First time in a bar. First time being hit on my a drunk man. Would she be next when I was out of the picture? Maybe. I only prayed that for her sake, she was in town for the weekend, and had a loving boyfriend back home. If only that'd been how it was with me.

He ordered another few while I watched. He slide closer to her, and whispered in her ears things I knew she didn't really want to hear. He was 33 now. That's alot of extra time to learn things, things girls her age shouldn't know.

I rose from my seat, and  walked to the door, carefully avoiding the couples grinding, and the puddles of who-knows-what on the floor. I hate clubs. The elevator was empty, thank goodness, and I was able to just walk in. Serenity here I come.

I stood outside, walking to the empty corner at the end. I gazed around myself in awe. The night was a beautiful one, clear as crystals, the stars like tin lanterns in the sky. The trees were mostly bare, causing an eerie feel to wash over me, sending chills of excitement down my spine. The trees that still held leaves werer bursting with color, and when the lights shone over them, were visible to see for second, before the moment was lost. It was cold, but not icy. I was happy in my dress and cardigan, but thankful that I'd worn tights to protect my legs from the chill that hung in the air.

I had my head turned the other way, when I was run into. Literally.

I turned to find a gorgeous man standing beside me, rubbing his elbow with his hand. I flushed crimson, heat radiating off my face into the cooler night.

" I'm so sorry.. I'm such a clutz sometimes." I mumbled. People were never a strong point with me..

" No, forget about it. I always run into pretty girls late at night." He replied, a smile dancing over his face.

I felt my deep frown lift, and a giggle escape my mouth. It'd been a long time since that'd happeed, and the sound was foreign to me now.

" I'm Damien "  he said lightly, taking his hand off his elbow, and extending it towards me.

I took his hand in mind, and shook it, " Alexis"  I smiled as I spoke, probably looking like an idiot, but I was talking to someone, without being hit. I was thankful.

Then something happened that I didn't mean it to. He turned my arm partially, to a fading bruise I thought I'd hidden well. He brushed it gently with his fingers, and I pulled away with pain.

"What happened?" He murmured quietly, his lips barely moving.

" Accident.." I replied, in hushed tones. It was true, an accident.

"An accident? Was it anything to do with the guy in there, drinking the whole bar dry? I saw you get out of the same cab tonight."

He had noticed that? Laurence's drinking? My being with him? The negativity between us? Was it that obvious that a complete stranger was able to jump to perfect conclusions?

I broke down. My walls were brittle to start with, and with a little pushing, my stories came flooding out, into his eager ears.

His face fell. He could have lost his childhood pet all over again with the look on his face. I was a stranger, he was as well, but I couldn't remember one person who had shown such real concern for me, and my well being. He spoke in tones that comforted me, while feeding my starved soul with hope, and love.

He took my in his arms, as the tears glazed my eyes. His arms were warm and strong, and the embrace we held was perfect in my eyes. I stained his shirt with my tears, and through my blubbering I apologized, trying to force a smile, that came through as a watery grimace.  He took his mouth to my ear, so close, his lips brushed my skin, and whispered to me.

" It's all gonna get better. I'm here now. You won't hurt for much longer Alexis, I'm here to get you out. Don't cry anymore, please, don't cry."

I nodded, and pulled out of his arms. We walked to the grass beside us, and sat gazing at the sprinkles of light in the black sky.

I thought that after Laurence Id be so much more careful. But with Damien.. I was drawn in not by just my heart, but my soul. I'm sure he's the one who was made for me. We were meant to meet, and he was meant to save me, my prince. I love him already, more then I've ever loved anything before. I know he cares, but love isn't an option, not yet.

After a while, I heard a yell behind us. Laurence. I had forgotten about him in my hour of  purity.

I jumped up, and went to walk away. Damien grabbed my, and spoke to me just loud enough for me and the trees to hear.

"Meet me. Tomorrow. There's a place, up in the mountains, on what sounds like your side of town. Ill be there from dawn til dusk. Try, please?"

I nodded my head like an idiot, and ran to meet Laurence.

He yelled at me all the way home for leaving him like an idiot, but the lipstick on his neck, and the buttons undone on his shirt,  were a dead giveaway that he spent no time alone.

I got the usual treatment when we got home, but tonight, I did not scream aloud. I was strong, and he gave up sooner then normal, obviously bored with my quiet game. As he left for the bedroom, I let the tears fall, but I fell asleep with a smile on my face, and with hope in my heart, because my door to freedom has finally been opened.

A/N : The new house was made for me especially, by Steph_444444. It can be found here: Thanks so much Steph!


  1. I hope she gets away from him soon. I'm glad she has been able to fight him off and he hasn't taken things further. I fear if she doesn't get away soon that may no longer be the case.

  2. Thanks for commenting :3 I hope to get the next chapter out sooner this time, two this week..