Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chapter 1.0 ~ Prologue ~ My Mother

That's me. Alexis Carmody. I'm nothing special, not really. If your looking for special, you'll have to go back in time about 20 years to my mothers life. Oh God, here we go.

My Mother was a true looker. She had hair more ginger then mine, and eyes greener. She was beautiful, or at least, that's what I can tell from pictures, and stories. The problem was, that she knew she was beautiful, and she used it to her advantage, no matter who got hurt. And that's how my Mom got to be the Mistress of a Mr. James Darren, a successful bar owner from Bridgeport. She was able to lure him into dropping everything, and moving back to the likes of my town: Sunset Valley. The problem? He was married, and had been, for almost five years when Mom came along. His wife was also very pretty, and ever so smart. She knew the whole time, I think, about her husband's affair, but she was waiting for the right time to pounce. I suppose my story starts on that day.

Mom was spending time with James at their usual spot, a secluded little creek high up away from the bustle of the main town.

I've been lead to believe that after a while, James fell truly in love, while my Mother was always just in lust. It sickens me to think that I come from such a beast, really.

It was a normal day for them, doing what they liked, locked away, in the little world that my Mother could create for any man.

Until she  came by.  Selena Darren. As I said, I was sure she always knew, but she played her part very well. She was said to let out a chocked gasp that would even send chills down the Reapers spine, should he have one.

She then struck them with a rage hotter the Hell itself. My Mother just scoffed at her though, laughed it off. She'd been found out by many a wife before, and always had no trouble finding another man to wind around her finger. James however, was distraught. He was in love with My Mother, but at the same time, still cared for, and feared his wife. The poor man.

Then things took a turn that nobody saw coming. Selena took my Mother by the arm, forcing her to the riverbank.

As she had her hand on my Mother's back, ready to push her into the water, to her death, she revealed herself for what she truly was. Selena was the Great-Grand Daughter of a witch. A Dark Witch. Selena had magic past anyone's  wildest dreams. She spoke softly, so only My Mom, James, and the whistling wind could hear:

I despise you with every fiber of my body Ms. Carmody. I hope that when I push you, you land in the fiery pits of Hell, where you deserve to be. That isn't enough though. That could never be enough. I curse everything that is you. Every descendant of you, will have terrible luck with love, never finding true happiness. If your family can survive ten generations of this torture, then I shall lift the curse. If not?  Well no one will miss a Carmody, now will they? Goodbye Ms Carmody, I look forward to seeing you in Hell.

And with that my Mother died. James fished her out of the water, once she ended her struggle. He grieved her for a while, before he himself died also, of causes undisclosed. No body thought much of the rumours he had spread of Selena, and my Mom. Nobody thought she even had a child. But she did.



  1. Nice start. Sucks for her family that they got cursed because of her. Looking forward to seeing how each gen deals with and tries to overcome this curse.

  2. Thanks for stopping by :3 Poor Alexis, all she ever did was be born. *sigh*

  3. Great Story! Makes me want to start a legacy.

  4. Awe, well thanks! I think it would be awesome for you to start a legacy, as there's never to many to read <3