Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chapter 1.3 ~ A New Side to You

It started as nothing really. I would want red apples, and he would buy green. I wanted a new top, but he would pick another. I thought nothing of it really, sure it was strange, but love was about sacrifice, right?

The time we spent together son began to feel different. It began as a time spent enjoying each others company, to a time where I felt enclosed, watched, and untrusted as a girlfriend. He went from the playful boyfriend to a harsh dictator very quickly, so quickly, that I found myself drowning with no clear way to the surface. He would never let me out of his sight, even if I specifically asked for time alone, to practice my music, or just to be a girl. He would stick around, in the next room for maybe ten minutes, before coming in to  'check on me'. It began to get irritating, and I soon found myself wanting to spend little or no time in his

I truly began to notice it about a month ago. Id go for my jog, and he would 'tag along' or sometimes wait for me at locations he knew I passed.

I had been trying to boost my confidence with strangers, so often, Id talk with other joggers about their routes, or sporting history. Small talk, you know? Sometimes even the weather came up, just to pass time.

Soon, that all stopped. Laurence would follow me more closely after he began to notice the pattern, and as soon as I opened my mouth to a man, he would be right over, and create some sort of distraction, to end the conversation before it truly started. The looks he gave those men.. I doubt they would see anything like it again, other then in their nightmares.

He was very good, however, at making it up to me. Or at least, thats what he called it. I was wound tightly in
his web of lies, and was ready to buy anything he came to my door to sell.

I should have walked away, but I wouldn't. I couldn't! It was always to cold to kick him on the street, to stressful to add the breakup to the mix. If only I'd been brave enough. If only I'd walked away.

It turned truly sour about two weeks ago, at the same club we had met at. A new club was opening in a better part of town, so we were seeing this old place off.

We started off the night with some heavy duty dancing. My new dress came into play, and we were both quite ... attracted  to eachother that night.

We broke off to have a  drink, because we both were feeling the heat of the rarity that is a warm fall night, surrounded with sweaty bodies, and dirty floors.

I admit it. I've given in, and now, Im a regular drinker. Ive never really been as juiced as that first night, but, I've come close a couple times. The jolt I get from the stuff it what I need these days, having to deal with Laurence, and the fact I've not had a gig in almost a month and a half.

Laurence however, is a really heavy drinker. It probably came with the stress from work, or at least, that's what I told myself. He almost always got juiced in the evening, either at home, or in the clubs. His words would be slurred, and his touch would be harder then I was used to, bu nothing usually came from it.

We carried on the night in the same way. I eventually grew tired, physically, and mentally, with the hardships or being the only company to a very drunk man.

Laurence was soon distracted, and hardly noticed that I left his side. I took the opportunity to be risky, and take a chance.

I sat at the bar, ordered a drink, and began a friendly conversation with the bar man. I got over his creepiness after about the tenth time of me being a forced companion to this Hell hole. I told him about my jogs in the morning, and about my vitamin hair wash, which now was a weekly event. He faked interest, and I could tell he had to try hard, but, this could be my only chance at a conversation with another Sim!

Soon though... Laurence noticed.

He was angry to say the least. Fuming would be a better word really. The juice got to his head, and his words fell out like a waterfall, nothing able to stop their flow.

"Alexis! What the Hell are you doing? Dont you realize? Men would kill to be with someone like you, but I can't let that happen. Do you want me to just stop? Feed you to the animals you seem to love so much?"

I faltered. Protecting me? No chance. I wasn't that drunk, I could spot a lie from a mile away, especially from his mouth! I daren't answer back though, he was too far gone, and he wouldn't hold back, no matter who was watching. I had a reputation to uphold, and 'Cheating Girlfriend' wasn't one of the tags Id like to be stuck with.

"Im sorry Laurrie. I was only passing the time until you wanted to leave. Im tired, let me call a cab, take us home, huh?"

His face smoothed. The anger gone and I sighed a sigh of relief. Then he drew his eyes to mine, and I could see the storm brewing in his mind. He was far from calmed down.

He took his hand to my arm, and dragged me out of the bar. I yelped slightly, and gave the bartender a pleading look, but he just lifted his shoulder. I suppose this was a sight he saw often.

We stood in the car park, and it took me a while to realize that Laurence was looking for our car.

"Laurence Kyles, you are NOT driving in this state! A taxi takes ten minutes to call! Let me jus--"

"NO! Just shut the Hell up, and do as I say. We dont need a cab, Im FINE"

His grip to my arm grew tighter, and a whimper of pain escaped my lips. He smirked, evilly, and took me to the car he had finally found.

He got in the drivers side, and threw me into the back. I sat up quickly, rubbing my arm, wishing I had an Aspirin for my banging head. We drove quickly, much faster then the speed limit. I prayed the whole way home, to whoever would listen, to spare us from a fate I knew to be not far away.

As we walked in, I stopped at the door. The time had come, with bruises on my arms and pain in my heart, I was ready to end the bond we once had.

"Laurence... I think ..."

And then I stopped. I couldn't voice the words that flew around my head, wanting to be spoken, but locked away with the coward that I was.

" ... I... think you should take the sofa tonight. Let your body deal with all the crap you put in it tonight, and then we can talk in the morning."

 He laughed, cruelly. I was shocked, and confused, before he began to yell again.

"WHAT ARE YOU THICK OR SOMETHING? You don't call the shots here toots, I do. Me. Your lucky to have me. With your body? Your lucky to have anyone. I tried to hide the curve less thing you have for a body, but nothing worked. Your so ugly, you have no idea how many times I've wanted to leave you, but pity took over my heart. Aren't you thankful Alexis?"

"I--um I --"

" I HATE YOU!"  he screamed " I hate how you looped me in, and now Im tangled in this mess.."

That was it. I snapped. I couldn't take this sort of stuff, not from anyone!

"RIGHT! I don't know who you think you are, but .."


I made the stupid mistake of opening my mouth again. He was quick to close it...

He slapped me. Right on the cheek, with the force of a truck, or so it felt. He didnt hold back, and didnt want to either. My face burned with fiery pain, and I was speechless, just as he had asked me to be.

Tears fell down my face, taking with them the thick make up I was wearing. I couldn't stop them falling, and I didnt want to. He had hurt me badly, very badly.

He then took me, and shoved me in the bedroom. Slamming the door, he left, and I could hear the faint opening of a beer bottle from the kitchen. I lent against the wall, my body on the verge of shutting off to the world, and just becoming a shell. What had I done to deserve this?


  1. I knew something bad was brewing. I hope she finds the strength to kick him out and soon before he does anything more to her!

  2. Thanks for commenting :3 I like how I've got this Gen planned xd