Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chapter 1.2 ~ Living the Fairytale

The weeks after meeting Laurence flew by in a blur of colour, money, and intense make out sessions.
He was a successful business owner, and had lots of the green stuff to spare, and despite my original intentions of splitting every bill halfway, I soon realized that to let him get his way was the way to go.

We spent alot of the days outside, enjoying the sunshine, and the sounds of the beauty that just ran along side our magical lives. We couldn't get enough of each other!

Romantic Days at the beach weren't hard to come by. We would sit at the waters edge, entirely entwined with eachothers, in body as well as soul. The water would gently lap at your legs as we became completely one, kissing, and touching, as if we owned the place.

We lived a very relaxed lifestyle after he moved in with me. The whispers around town flew by my ears, and out of my mind, before I even realized Id heard them. Moving so quickly? Doesn't know what she's got herself into? Maybe that's true, but what you don't know can't hurt you.

We would picnic in the park, on the days to cool for the ocean. Fall wasn't too far away, and some days were too nippy to step a foot on the beach, so the park was a beautiful solution. Im not sure, but I dont think we spent more then ten minutes apart from each other in a day. What is that they say about young love?

On one of these trips, I sat contented in his lap. A full belly, sun on my face, and a hunk around my shoulder? I couldn't think of something better, myself. Laurence though, seemed distracted from his normal self. He worried, and I could feel it. His very self was away from me that day, so, of course, I pried.

"Laurrie? Are you okay babe? You seem a little out of it today."

He faltered, but only slightly. His warm smile soon returned to his face, and his eyes danced, though not in the same way that I was used to. He kissed my head, and whispered in a low voice, close to my ear.

"Im fine, my love, perfectly so. Just tired after you..long night last night, I suppose. Don't mind me."

Don't even think of that. No. Long night, maybe, but Im well you know. Nothing happened, and nothing will, not until Im married. I laid my head back on his shoulder, and relaxed again, my mind not so much at peace, but sated for the while.

We went, that weekend, to a high end salon, to get me a new dress, and  my hair treated with some sort of vitamin wash. My hair felt great, though the dress that Laurrie forced on me was rather...  low cut, and more revealing then Id have liked.  I thanked him, all the same, with a warm kiss, and a hug. Im sure he was in the same blissful world that I was. It's amazing how quickly life can change..

A/N: Sorry for the lack of pics and stupidly tiny chapter... my whole game fiasco wiped a load of them out. Well no. I wiped them trying to fix it >.> Well hopefully you can forgive me, and get ready for the epic chapter out tomorrow (So soon, I know, but I have the pics, and you've waited a while!)


  1. Why am I getting about bad feeling about him? I don't know but I see him turning into a not so nice guy for some reason. I hope I'm wrong.