Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 1.1 ~ What's it Supposed to Feel Like?

Starting life as an adult is harder then you'd think. I don't know how much longer the money in my pocket will last me, or when I'll get another gig. I guess that's what you get, when you let a passion rise above your college option. So that's why I sit here, in a dark living room, playing on my keyboard.

Probably the most expensive thing in the place, if you want my opinion. It's not new either, but it almost cost me all the money I have spare. I only hope it's worth it, in the end. I practice from the sunrise, to the sunset, except for calling around to bars and clubs, looking for open nights, and such.

It just so happens that tonight is the first night of the rest of my musical career. At least... I hope. I've got a gig! Sure it's the worst part of town, and sure, it's run by the sleaziest guy in the world, but it's a job! SV Singles night, here I come!

Then the nerves set in. I don't even know if I'll be able to perform without letting the crowd know what I had for lunch. Public places? Not my forte. Id prefer to stay at home with a book, and a husband. Huh. Well isnt that just swell? A Curse on my head, and a performing career. See how easy Ive got it?


About 4 hours later, I called a cab to take me to the location. It wasn't a friendly ride at all. She said nothing. Not a word! She pointed to the little number on the dash, and grunted a goodbye. I never remembered the public to be so harsh. What if everyone at the bar hates me like that? What if I get booed? What if I forget how to play? What if, what if, what if?

When I arrived, I sat at the bar across from my employer. He looked me up and down in such a way that I felt very uneasy, and I suddenly realized that I was a good hour away from my house, and everything I knew, in a part of town where no one would take a second look at a fuss in a back alley.

"I-I'm here for th-the job? Alexis? Alexis Carmody? We spoke on the phone this morning."

"Ah.. Of course! I knew you'd be pretty, but I had no Idea you had just fine.. attributes babe"

I shuddered inwardly. What had I gotten myself into?

"I'll start now, Mr.Saunders, if it's all the same."

He nodded, and pointed me to the small stage. I glanced around me, surveying the crowd. It consisted of about six people, all doing their own thing, all pretty wasted already.

I started with a slower song, but soon realized that these people weren't gonna support the poetic side of me, so I picked up the pace to a song that was easy to play, and easier to dance to. Before I knew it, my qualms had lifted with the music, and I was only aware of my fingers, and the notes they danced on.

I was soon attracting the crowds away from the bar, and over to the dance floor. Non began to really dance, but they all nodded, and whistle in appreciation. It was then I noticed him walk in.

He joined the back of the group, nodding his head, and tapping his feet to the music. He loosened his tie, and unfastened his jacket, obviously coming straight from a day in the office. If I didn't have to focus, Im sure I could have lost myself in the aura that the mysterious stranger brought upon the dingy place, but the song wasn't over yet, and I needed to get paid.

As I stood from the piano, finishing my song, I was greeted with a round of warm applause, which brought a hot flame across my face, Im sure. As I went to tidy away my music, I felt a pair of warm hands on my hips. I was ready to elbow a creep in the gut, but was surprised to find the mystifying stranger there instead.

" I apologize. I didn't mean to startle you"  He spoke in a voice as smooth as velvet, that washed over me much like I'd imagine the milky way would, should it be possible to touch such a place.

"I-I'm fine, thank you" I said, clearing my throat lightly.

He slipped his hands from my waist, to his pockets, and I turned to face him.

"That song was quite enchanting, much like your eyes." He smiled in a way that made me almost faint. My cheeks blazed, and I looked down.

"Thank you" I murmured.

"Can I buy you a drink? Then maybe you'll relax enough to tell me your name sweetums."

"That would be great" I said, with a little too much enthusiasm to satisfy my ever critical mind.

He brought over two drinks on a tray as dirty as the floor outside, but I took it anyway. They were slightly larger then I'd have liked, but I'm sure that nothing too bad can come from it.

"Thank you" I smiled warmly, taking the glass from the tray.

I took one sip, and felt the electric that id alcohol surge through my body for the first time in my life. Maybe my first time drinking shouldn't have been with a total stranger, late at night, on the wrong side of town, but I liked it. Alot.

He was right. After a couple of the glasses that size, Id lost all tabs on everything, let alone being shy!

"So.. you name?"

"My name is Alexis. Alexis Carmody."

He smiled at that, but I couldn't think why.

"Im Laurence. Laurence Kyle. It's a pleasure to meet you Alexis."

I giggled like a school girl, the drink going straight to my head. I could have sworn I'd known this guy for years, not minutes.

We continued to talk for a while, about nothing and everything. He pointedly asked if I was single, and I confirmed the fact. Not to long after, he took my hand and I didn't pull away. Everything was going right!

He came closer now. He laid his hand on my waist, and his face just inches away from my ear. His hot breath ran down my back, sending shivers through my body, and his cologne tingled my nose with an intoxicating sent.

"How's about we take this back to your house Doll?"

" 'Course"

I was just able to slur my address to the driver, before Laurence had his arm around me in the back seat, and the only noises I could muster were ones that, looking back, must have embarrassed the Hell out of the poor woman driving. Laurence tossed some money on the seat, before we stumbled inside.

When his lips locked to mine, I lost control. More  so then with the drinks, and more so then with my music. He pushed me though. Hard. He wanted more then I was willing to to give, at least not so soon. He seemed content with what I was giving though.. heh... more then content.

So that's how I spent my first night with a man: On the couch, liplocked, after knowing him only hours. But that was love right? Isn't this how it was supposed to be?


  1. At least she wasn't too drink and didn't end up doing more than just kissing. I think that would have been more regret. Hopefully she will have a romance blooming with Laurence.

  2. Thanks for stopping by :3 I had to think over the plot over and over, and I figured this way was best.