Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hey guys.

Im taking this opportunity to raise awareness, because it fits with this generation. October is indeed Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is also, however, Domestic Abuse Awareness month.

So, when your wearing your pink earrings, bangles, t-shirts, glasses etc. Why not wear a bit of purple too? They match, I think.

Many women (and men, I suppose) suffer from abuse in the home. It goes unnoticed, or is labeled as unimportant, until it affects you, in your life. I know people who have suffered, take a moment to think, do you?
What if your best friend started to be abused (technically, not domestic abuse, but) what would you do? Just let is happen? Let her cry herself to sleep every night, wishing she hadn't done something wrong to make him (or her) hit her again, when all she did, was nothing.

Lets get the world aware, and try to stop Abuse in the Home by wearing purple with your pink in October. When people ask? Tell them why your wearing it. Tell them why you care. Maybe one day, this will be a thing of the past, along with the many other evils in our world.

~ Thankyou


  1. I think it should get it's own month because it gets over shadowed by breast cancer. I had no idea. It's a crazy coincidence that I had a abuse storyline this month.

    Thanks for the awareness.

  2. I agree. I may just donate to Breast Cancer in October, and wear purple. But then thats not fair.. Eh. Im trying to spread awareness. I was told my my friend Gracie (MsGrace on the forums)