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Chapter 2.2 ~ All About Him

Italics are the lyrics to this song. Please listen, enjoy, and read.  ~ Zoe

The night finally came. Prom. The night every teenage girl looks forward too, dreads, and cherishes for the rest of her life. Where people find love, betrayal, and an obviously spiked punch bowl. Ahhh.

'Cause Im all about him, him, him, him, him.

And its even more special when you have someone to go with. Someone who is special to you.

And he's all about me, me, me, me, me.

Someone who is all yours, and no one else can have them. They are expressly there with you, and only you.

And we don't give a dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, about nobody-e-e-e-e.

Can you tell I read to often? Well I do. Romantic novels too... hmm. Maybe it's something I should stop..Nah.

Joel turned up at the door about 30 minutes early. I had just finished getting ready, and didn't even do my hair. He said he didn't mind, but I did.

Well, had him shooting for me like a ball team. Every guy was a knock out, Don King.

Dusk had gained, and lost a girlfriend in the few months Joel and I had been together. He had been hurt by her, real bad, after she dumped him for some other team guy. Some people, huh? Well anyway, he decided he wasn't up for seeing her with some other guy, all dressed up and gorgeous. So he stayed home.

But none of them had smarts, that's my thing. Not enough to have balls..Spalding ;D

We headed straight to the school, and walked inside. The music was heard down the halls, as we passed couple after couple while we walked by. We entered the dimly lit gym, which hadn't lost it's usual aroma of sweaty teens, and dirty socks. The music blared in our ears, and I noticed not many people had turned up. Anti-prom was also on. Figures.

Joel took me to the side, and handed me a bouquet of  red roses, right out of my fairy tale.

Never, ever met a guy so fly. Got me hooked like apple pie..

"Thank you, Joel, they're gorgeous!"

"You're welcome, baby"

I think I'm falling, and I don't know why.. but I won't fight these butterflies.

He took my hands in his, circling the back of my hand with his thumb, drawing me closer to him. I took a deep breath and all I could smell was his tantalizing cologne. It was a familiar smell to me, but got me every time.

'Cause Im all about him, him, him, him, him.

He then took a hand away from mine, and used his index finger to bring my chin to his face, and my lips to his. I'd gotten much better at this kissing thing, trust me.

And he's all about me, me, me, me, me. And we don't give a dang, dang, dang, dang, dang about nobody.

We enjoyed the kiss, savoring each other, but I'm not one for big displays of affection in public, so we ended it.

"Yo, Yo, Yo! Let's take it slow! Grab a partner and have a go!" cried the DJ.

Joel and I both snickered at his oh-so suave presenting skills, before he laid his hand gently on my waist, and I  mine gently on his face. We swayed to a beautiful song, not speaking, or making noise. Just enjoying being each others.

Don't do nothing much at all. Just we and his boys, watching football.

I brought my lips to his, before nuzzling his nose in the typical cutsey-couple way.

He asked me for a I gave him two. He said "Why thank you,baby", and I said "Your welcome, Boo"

After not to long, the music sped back up, and we got funky on the floor...I know. I'm sorry.

We were the best couple on the floor, I think. Joel wasn't too hard on the eyes while in movement either..Eh? Eh?  We twirled, swirled, and twisted long into the night.

'Cause I'm all about him, him, him, him, him.

We tried to take a beautiful prom picture, but it really turned out as a big goof up on film. I kept them both anyway, memories and such. Something to tell the grandkids.

And he's all about me, me, me, me, me. 

Soon enough we gave up on dancing all together. Other activities took over.... way over. He was so good to me, I don't think I could have gotten any luckier.

And we don't give a dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, about nobody-e-e-e-e-e.


"I'm tired" I complained to Joel, after being at a horrible attempt at a prom for over 4 hours. It was late, and I was tired. For the last half hour we had done nothing but sit around, and look pretty.

"I know. Me too babe."

"We should head home.."

"..How 'bout we wait til the end, since we've come this far. This is the final song, and I'd like to dance it with you, Sunny."

I smiled at his adorable nickname, that he knew would get me to do anything he wanted me to do.

"I'd be honored, baby." I replied, holding my hand above my head, for him to take, and pull me up.

He took me close to him, and we swayed to the last song, and my mind wondered. What would I have done tonight without him? What would I be doing? Sleeping? Studying? Maybe just crying with Mom, like I always used to. Joel came along and saved me from that. A Hero.

'Cause I'm all about him, him, him, him, him.

He gazed into my eyes, and into my soul. His own eyes were clouded, and I could only see love in them, for me. There was no other girl he looked at tonight with those eyes. Just me.

And he's all about me, me, me, me, me. 

His hand was firmly on my hip, and the song played on to a pretty melody.

And we don't give a dang, dang, dang, dang, dang about nobody-e-e-e-e.

The song ended, and I went to pull away from Joel, but he kept his grip hard on me.

"I love you, Sunny. So, so much. Do you love me?"

"Of course! Why did you even ask me that? I say it all the time, you're everything to me!"

"Prove it" he breathed. It was then I knew what he wanted. And it was then that I knew what I was willing to give.

I gave him a tiny nod, and he took me in his grasp again, kissing me passionately. He then too my hand, and we rushed to his car. I expected him to turn off somewhere, but we headed straight to my house, and into the door.

He continued to kiss me at the door, and my night ended in sheer ecstasy, love, and adoration for the man I knew I loved.

'Cause its all about him, him, him, him, him.

And he's all about me, me, me, me, me, me.

And we don't give a dang, dang, dang, dang, dang about no body-e-e-e-e-e.

'Cause I'm all about him......

'Cause I'm all about him....

And we don't give a dang, dang, dang....

*Lyrics by Auburn - All About him *

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Chapter 2.1 ~ Whiplash

So, I'm Dawn Carmody. Dawn Brielle Carmody, to be 100% precise. My Mom told me a few weeks ago that this is my legacy now, and everything is up to me. She also mentioned a curse, but I tuned out at that point, because Joel came by. Who's Joel? Oh, well I suppose I better start at the beginning, because I'm pretty sure My Mom would've just told you about the nerd side of me.

Well, I was just that. A nerd. A geek. A loser. I suppose I still kinda am.. but Life has changed a lot in these few weeks.

See, my brother's really popular. He's in the 'IT' crowd, and on every team you can name.

I'm not. I would spend all day at school alone, studying, or something else along those lines.

Even at home, it was that way. Dusk would bring his team mates home, and hang out at our house. Never once did it cross his mind how uncomfortable it was for me. It was bad enough at school, being worth less then nothing to people, but now at home too? I mean I love the guy, but he just doesn't get how hard life is for me.

Now, one of the more frequent guys at our house was Joel. Dusk and Joel were the male equivalent of the female 'BFF's'. Never really apart, and always doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, and so on.

I kept to myself when Joel was around, except for when we did homework. Neither my brother, or his friend, were exactly "A+ students. Or B+. Maybe a C+. Okay.. maybe not... you get the idea. So that's where I came in: A tutor. Every time Joel was over, we would do homework together in a three. It was often beyond awkward, but I needed to help my brother.

After a few hours of explaining linear equations four or five times, I would often sneak back to my room to paint.

Painting was my outlet, as well as my personal income. I would throw every emotion I had on the canvas, then sell it to the store down the street. It wasn't exactly bringing in the big bucks, but it was enough for me.

When I was painting, I often lost myself. I'd be dead to the world, until I was ready to come back. That's probably why I didn't hear him come in.

"I like it." said a voice behind me. A voice full of confidence, yet as soft as a feather. A voice I'd learnt to know all too well.

I spun to meet Joel's eyes. He grinned at me, and I immediately got flustered. His smile widened at my burning face, and I only got more embarrassed.

"The words you're looking for are: Thank You."

"Right..uh...ah.. Thanks"

Those eyes.. oh God, those eyes.

"What is it?" He asked, breaking the silence I had created.

I loved being asked about my art. No matter who by. He'd just won himself into my confidence.

"I'm not sure yet. Right now it's a sunset, but it could change"

He chuckled under his breath, and I felt my anger rise.

"What's funny about that?"

"You paint sunsets? Shouldn't it be sunrises?"

It took a while for me to understand.

"Uh... Oh, right. Dawn, sunrise, real funny, you making that a career?"

He laughed with me, and we spent the evening chatting in my room. When he left that night, I wondered what had happened to reality. Jock talking to  a nerd like an equal? No way was this happening.. no way.


We spent quite a bit of time together after that. Goofing off, mostly. We'd dance in my living room to songs we both loved, and bothered Mom and Dusk into joining us sometimes too.

Other times we would do the exact opposite, and just enjoy each others company, without anyone else around. Those times were the best for me, being able to look into his soul, and realize that he was more then just a jock, that he was a person, that he was Joel.

On weekends, we'd spend more time together. Sometimes at the pool, so I could watch him with no shirt on  practice his laps.

It was around that time that we started to go from friends, to more then that. Being the blind girl that I was, I hadn't really seen it coming, but I never pushed it away.

Our favorite spot? Our special spot? The beach. It was so serene, and beautiful, that we never had to think twice about going. We'd sit and watch the waves roll closer to our place in the sand, watch the crabs scuttle side-ways past our intertwined hands, and listen to the birds high above us call to the world.

It was at the beach that my life really changed.

We were there later then normal. I didn't mind, and neither did he. But something was wrong. He wasn't exactly his normal self, and I couldn't think why. Suddenly, he took my hand, and cleared his throat.

"Uh..Dawn .. I wanted to ask you something."


"Do you wanna be my.."


I was shocked to say the least. It was your classic modern day fairy tale, but in real life.

"Of course, silly!"

And so I got my first kiss. M first ever kiss! It was amazing. He was so gentle, yet so skilled. I could tell it wasn't his first, not by a long shot, but I didn't dwell on the fact.

So that's how I live my life now. It all changed pretty fast, and I had no idea it was coming, but it's all turning out okay. I have a feeling the 'curse' Mom mentioned was her excuse for the affair she had back in the day. Can you believe that? My Mom threw away a perfectly good guy for some fireman! I can tell you now, that won't be my mistake. I'll be the best lover a girl could ever be.

A/N: Hey guys. Yea, this chapter took a long time coming, and also wasn't too good. This generation will probably seem a bit rushed, but t has to be that way for the plot line. I hope you don;t mind,and can still enjoy! Ty! ~Zoe

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We Have a Winner....


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Chapter 1.10 ~ Step Back, and Smell the Roses

Years flew by, like minutes after the twins were born.  They shot up in height, often teasing me on how I would need heels to match their height soon. They weren't wrong either, as soon enough both of then turned 17, and were as tall as me, or in Dusk's case, taller.

Seventeen. Seven Gosh Darn teen. They grew so fast. Everything about them morphed into a personality in front of my eyes, and before I knew it, POOF, I have to teenage kids on my hands.

Of course, as they grew, so did the chores, like laundry, cooking, and tidying. Alas, the house itself didn't grow, even as we needed it to. When the kids turned 14 neither one of them wanted to share a room anymore, even with their own twin, so I took matters into my own hands, and changed the storage room in the basement into Dusk's new bedroom. I must say, I'm quite pleased with it myself.

He didn't seem to think it was too bad either. I mean, it was rather spiffy. Was that the word that they used?      Spiffy? I'm not sure anymore, 45 isn't treating me to well on staying 'In with the kids'. Ah, its a new generation I suppose.

We also re-did Dawn's room. It was pretty, very much so, but I knew Dawn would have preferred less 'fashionista' and more 'artistic flare', but we decided together that more of the budget had to go to Dusk's room, as he had to sleep in the basement. She never once complained though, never once.

So, you may have picked up that Dawn is more of our artist. She's also the intellect in the family, but I'd seen that coming from day one. She reminded me so much of myself, in my younger days. The difference is that she  was a beautiful person inside, where as I'm sure that I've always been a little bit wrong.

Dawn would often be awoken earlier then need be, to help Dusk with homework too far overdue. He had difficulty learning, and focusing on a subject too long. He needed to be constantly moving, and doing things with his hands, rather then just being told what to do. Dawn was always ready to talk him through a question though, be it 11 at night, or 6 in the morning.

Dusk was our athlete, on the outside. He would be constantly joining teams, and clubs, to be outside, but I knew his secret. He would go to corner stores after classes, and buy fashion magazines. One day when he was at school, I crept into his room, and flipped through the pages of one, noting all the circles, and notes to a design. I could tell he wanted to style, and design on the inside, but he wasn't about to let anyone else know yet. Good thing I'm able to keep a secret.

Dusk spent all his spare time at the gym. He would often be able to persuade poor Dawn into heading down with him. She would almost always agree, and work out by his side.

Though she never did pick up his skill for the treadmill.

I still played piano, probably more so now then ever before. I had originally decided to leave it alone, after Damien left and all. Yea, I said his name. I've learnt to deal with the pain, and heal old scars. That happened when I heard he got hitched with some floozy from Simcinnati. It hurt, but I left it as it was. Everything had been my fault anyway.

His ring never left my finger. Although I'd given up my late night crying for his years ago, I still had that foolish flicker of hope that he may see sense and come back. As I said, foolish.

When I played down at the park for tips, the twins would often come with me. I'd originally forced them, when they were younger, and by now it became somewhat of a tradition in the family. Twice a week, every week.

Dusk would often call down one of his football friends to get in those extra few hours of practice for the big game.

Dawn would often sit and watch them, her eyes following the ball, or sometimes the football friend of Dusk's. She was a teenage girl after all, and it wasn't like she was Dusk, head of every team, with people lining up to date her, oh no. We'd spent many an evening huddled in her room, Kleenex and Chocolate on hand, talking over her social status. I could tell it hurt her, and my lectures on 'It won't matter in a few years, when you graduate' or 'They'll all work for you one day Hun' just didn't work.

Dusk didn't have a steady girlfriend either, though I knew he could have one on any given day he wanted. I think he held out for Dawn's sake. They really were that close, those two.

If I ever got spare time, I'd read. Read, and read, and read. Looking over anything and everything, to sooth my worn brain. It gave me time to reflect also, on how far I'd come in this world.

I always took time to reflect on my life.

Through the pain.

The love.

The heartbreak.

New life.

And new love.

All in all, I think I did okay.