Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chapter 1.7 ~ Hurt, Hurt, and Hurt Again


"Of course I'll be okay Damien!"

" I don't know. I've only just got you to myself, I don't want to risk you getting into trouble."

"It's a baby shower, Damien, I'm not going to a dirty casino, or anything."


" Damien. Please, don't worry. Iliana lives ten minutes away. I'll come home before its dark. Ill.Be.Fine."

"... Okay. Just be careful, alright?"


"Love you."

"Love you too."

I hung up the phone, and placed it on the counter. This was the first time since I'd agreed to marry Damien that I'd gone out without him there, other then, of course, when we had out wedding parties. We had pent the last few months planning the wedding, and cherishing eachother's company.

It was harder then it sounded, getting married. There was a location, a minister, the guests,  and most of all: The Money. I had savings.. but they were very scarce and Damien wasn't in much of a better place, cash wise. Simoleons were hard to come by, especially since my career had gone no where in the years spent with... him. We were trying though. Hard.

We had talked more about each other. Intimately. He was as complete as I was, in every sense. He had asked me on the day we were engaged because he wanted to make sure I was his, forever and always. Of course I would have been anyway, but, it was much more romantic this way, and I was so glad I'd kept pushing Laurence away. I never asked him what he would have done if I'd told him that I was no longer myself, Vcard used, no returns,  but, I hope it would have resulted in the same proposal, and I know it would always be the same answer.

I was going to a big bash today. My very, very good friend Iliana was expecting a baby any day now. She left it a bit late, but, in typical Iliana style, everything was perfectly planned. I met her at my wedding party (See Extras tab for the pictures!) She has everything in her life planned to the second. No surprises. Not my style, but, she is definitely my friend.

I looked at myself in the mirror. since Laurence left, and I had been able to grow with Damien, my self confidence has soared. I have fun with people now, and enjoy myself more. I'm not afraid to change my hair, or my clothes. I like showing my arms, now a happy tan colour with the warm spring that this year had brought.

I arrived at Iliana's house just as the rain started. It was heavy, but, the wet days were far and few between now that April was here, so I was happy to bear these raging showers.

I went to knock on the door, only to have my hand fall, as the door opened. A panicked face greeted me, and  behind it another followed, less panicked, more shocked.

Looks like Iliana's perfect plans were ruined by the unpredictable:  fate. I stood in the open doorway, as I waited to be let in. Clearing my throat, Iliana's sister came to my rescue and I came to the living room to sit down. The house was a crowded one, and I soon realized that I was the only non- family member to attend.

Four and a Half hours later, a very tired couple came through the door, holding a tiny figure wrapped in pale pink swaddling.

I rushed over, after the family had had sufficient time to coo over the new arrival.

" Plans go a bit wrong, Ili?" I laughed, rubbing the babies face with my index finger.

" I suppose now things can't be planned! What with little Felicity here."



"That's an absolutely beautiful name. Beautiful.." 

"Would you like to hold her?"


She nodded vigorously, laying Felicity in my arms with great care. She weighed less then a feather, and I felt like I was back in High School again, the clutz that everyone avoided.

I brought her close to my face, breathing in her fresh baby scent, and enjoying the warmth radiating from her little body. Iliana, and her husband, Dustin, were really tired. I could tell. This whole baby thing must be pretty draining... But, holding Felicity in my arms, and looking into her bright eyes, I couldn't help but want my own baby. Maybe someday... Maybe someday.

I left their house later then I had planned. After dark. But everyone slips up, right? I began to walk the two streets home, and imagined the warmth of the bed, and the glory of a good nights sleep. Ah sleep. I couldn't wait.

I walked by a man by a trash can on my way. I was fixed on getting home though, and hardly noticed him.

Until he started following me. I began to quicken my pace further, as fast as I could go safely in heels, and without looking like a complete weirdo.

" Hey.. Babes? I need to ask you a question!" 

His voice startled me further, and public appearance went out the window. I bolted down the street, looking all over for a hide out, or a short cut home, to locked doors and windows. There was none. I was silently cursing myself for wearing a dress with no pockets, hence, no phone. Therefore: No calling for help.

I ran. And ran. And ran. Not looking where I was going, or where  had been. I was looking for safety.

I finally stopped. Alone. I stood, and breathed, trying to find my bearing.

"Where am I..?"

"Well, honey, your in bliss."


He just smiled, and took his shirt off, placing it on the floor.

God, please, no.

"Oooohhh.. yes."

Had I said that out loud?

" You don't like what you see?"

He grabbed me when I least expected it. I planned on him staying further away.. to give me time to plan.

"Get off me!"

"No thanks.. I think your beautiful, love. Let me appreciate it.."

And I slapped him. Across the face, like I swore I'd never do to anyone ever.

" You shouldn't have done that toots. Now Im mad. I don't have much control of myself when I'm mad."

And then it got ugly.

I'm not 100% sure what happened. I know that he had his way, and the innocence I'd fought so long to keep true was taken, brutally taken, by a strange man. I was pushed and pulled around like a rag doll. I ended up on the floor, stripped of my dress, and  he probably thought I was in too weak a state to move, or think. The latter was correct.

I only had the energy to open my eyes a crack to see him walk away, and the darkness envelope me again.


  1. that's sad. I wonder what Damien's reaction will be now that she is no longer complete.

  2. You'll have to wait and see <3 Thanks for the comment!