Monday, November 7, 2011

Chapter 1.6 ~ Free at Last

It was the longest, and hardest wait of my life. Damien held my hand as we walked into the office, rubbing little circles of comfort, to calm my obvious nerves. The room was a mint green, and very business. The officer was obviously an old hand at this game, as he had awards or all sorts scattered across the room. It was like being back in school, the teacher right there, with an F grade, and your parents number.

We sat at the table, and it began.

" Sir, Ma'am, We all know why we are here. It's a serious issue, and I'm more then willing to help you out. I need to know more though. More, and more, and more. Why did this start? When? Am I able to arrest him on just this evidence? Does he have a criminal record? You can see that this is a never ending game, Ms. Carmody, so give us what you can."

I paused. All this was unanswered? Wasn't it obvious that what Laurence was doing was WRONG?

" You ask many questions, Officer. It is, of course, more serious then any of us really realize. Why did this start? Because he is a bad person. When? Well, probably from when we met, give or take a few months. His record is clean, for all Im willing to bet. He keeps everything squeaky clean."

The officer leered at me.

"  I can not arrest a man on the fact that he is a 'bad person'. This is law, not pre-school Ms. Carmody."

I was shocked, to say the least. I was here with a problem, and he was poking fun at me? Was the whole world against me?

"CO-ME  O-ON!" Damien cried, throwing his hands at the officer for attention.  " We all see that this is getting us no where, and the person we really need to be fighting with is a guy sitting on a couch, drinking a beer, and planning his next attack. Can't you review past cases? I bet ones with less evidence have snuck by."

The officer looked from Damien to me, and back to Damien. He rose, and walked to a cabinet full of thick files, and reports.

He skimmed pages, his face falling with concern, and rising with interest at certain pages, which he took from their safehold, and laid on the table. I couldn't help it, and tears began to fall from my eyes. This was a losing battle already.

He put the file away, and shoved the papers he pulled toward us. We put our heads close, and read over terrible cases which made bile rise up my throat. I saw that these cases also had little evidence, but they were passed,  and the criminal arrests. Hope began to grow inside me, as we handed the papers back.

"This woman" Damien began, pointing to me. " Deserves freedom more then anyone I know. She has a beautiful soul, officer, help us set it free."

We froze, hands intertwined beneath the desk. I let the tears fall again, staining my jeans. Something had to have mercy on me. Someone.

" This case speaks to me. And my wife tells me to go with my gut, and be spontaneous with life. I am taking my career in my hands, and deciding to help you. We will make the arrest tomorrow, and you may stay here tonight. We will fix this for you, Ma'am. You don't need to be scared anymore."

We were speechless. I was overjoyed. My life was back in sight, a new life, with a man I loved, and my music, and.. and... anything I wanted! I could go out and pierce my whole body, or holiday in China! I'm getting free!

I took Damien in my arms, holding him tight to me, basking in the warmth of the moment, savoring the happiness.

" Thank you." I breathed, kissing his ear.

" I love you, Lexi. By freeing you, Im freeing me." 

I washed the dark stains off my face before sliding under the covers of the lumpy mattress of the police station motel. It was a little place, but clean, and welcoming. I was happy to have a night in a bed, away from danger.

And that was the first night we spent sharing a bed, safe, in eachothers arms.


The next morning, we rose at dawn, all of us. This was gonna be a real hard day.

The sun wasnt yet over the mountains, but the pink gaze of morning was already upon us, as we left the station. We rode in the back of the police car, and I couldn't help laughing at how strange it was, behind the meshed glass, like I had committed a crime.

I strode in, with confidence in my step, and he sat on the couch, half asleep until I slammed the door.

"Where you been baby? I missed you." he slurred.

" Screw you." I spat.

"What was that?" he demanded, coming closer, and raising his hand to strike me. My confidence dropped, and I prepared for the blow.


The officer arrived just in time. Laurence was caught on unawares, and I was spared the pain.

" What.. Wh- WHAT THE BERRY IS THIS?" Laurence roared.

" This is an arrest. You have the right to remain silent, but be aware that anything you do say can be used against you in court."

He looked at me, rage in his eyes.

" You evil little -"

"No need for language, now is there? Shut your God Darn trap, and come with me"

And with that Laurence was taken out the door, into the back of the car, and out of my life. I saw the officer drive away, and I looked around me. My house. No fear. No pain. Just my house, and my life. I turned around, to find Damien as my shadow, standing inches from my face.

" Well hello." I murmured.

He stayed silent, and I was instantly confused. This was a happy time, what could be playing on his mind?

" Lexi? Did you ever... Did he ever.. I mean, I don't wanna be... but..."

I tried to comprehend his sentence, What could he possibly mea- Oh.

"No. Never. I'm still. um.. a complete puzzle"

This was ridiculous. We were grown Sims, why was it so hard to say such simple words.


"Of course! Why would I lie?!"

"On our relationship? On your very love for me, you swear?"

This was really eating him up!

" On our love, I swear to you, that I am completely.. me."

He beamed.

"Now I've got that clear, I have another question."

He drew away from my hand, and lowered his body.

" What's happening?!" I asked, my voice high with interest. He reached to his coat pocket, and brought out a tiny velveteen box.


" I love you Lexi. More then that. I need you. Without you, Im nothing now. I breath your name, and I relish your touch. Your a beautiful person, with a pure soul, and..-ahem- an amazing body. Marry Me, Lexi, Please, Marry me."

"YES.YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!" He slipped the band on my finger. It was warm from his touch, and I'd never felt like more of a woman then in that moment.

" I love you Lexi."

"I love you too."


  1. Glad the officer helped them and he got arrested. Now we just have to hope it sticks and he goes to prison.

    Damien is a good guy and I hope she can have happiness for a little while with him!

  2. <3 Aww I am so glad Damien is taking her away from that loser.

  3. Thanks for the comment jessuku :3 I very much dislike Laurence as well xd