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Chapter 1.4 ~ Doorman to Freedom

We always wish for power more then what we have. We want to be as fast as a cheetah, or as strong as SuperSim. Nobody realizes that sims have alot of power in their fragile bodies, more so, if we just happen to have a weapon nearby. Or a can of the cold stuff.

Strength is measured in how many weights you can lift, or how fast you can run. You don't realize how strong someone is until they turn against you.

It's not to pretty, huh? Well I made that mistake of underestimation. I underestimated what he would, or could do to me. He was fast asleep, so I was planning to sneak into the kitchen, grab a coffee, or something to keep me going for the day.

He'd had more then a few. I thought he was pretty far gone, hadn't heard a noise from the bathroom in over an hour. I take ten steps into the room, and all is fine. He still lays still, his gut moving slowly outward, then back inward, accompanied by heavy breathing that wasn't quite a snore.

Two more steps.

All good, still sleeping. Just another 5 foot til I reach the kitchen.

Another step..

And I hit a bottle cap with my toe. The metallic scratching of the lid across the wood paneling is heard, for one a few seconds, but it's enough. He wakes, and takes me to the stares. He didn't speak, only threw me to the ground, with the strength I had previously thought non existent.

The cold tiles on the floor didn't exactly soften my fall, and my knees immediately began to ache, causing me to cry out in pain. He takes his foot, and shoves me by my butt to the edge of the stairs.

How many stairs are there? Ten? Twelve? It's too many, because I knew what he had planned. I took a deep breath in, and prepared myself best I could. He took his foot to my backside, causing my to fly down the stairs, hitting every second one. I screamed, even against all my will power that wanted me not to.

I lay at the bottom, my whole body crying to me to make this constant hurting stop, but I couldn't, I couldn't. Everyday was the same, but not ever this bad. The stairs were new. A new house, almost set up in a way where I couldn't be safe in any room. I'm not sure how long I stayed there. I wasn't asleep, or unconscious, but I was on the verge of just giving up. Letting the part of me that said to end it all now take over, and take the pain away, like my very soul was screaming at me to do. But I didn't. I got up, and took myself to the bathroom. And so I'm here. The bruises came up really quite quick, and I'm surprised I'm not broken in a hundred places.

That was a week ago now. I have skin that heals itself quickly. I'm not sure if I should consider myself blessed, or cursed. It means I'm not constantly hiding my skin, but it also gives no indication of.. anything.

Its Friday again already? I'm sure it was only Friday night yesterday. Only yesterday I was forced out to the clubs as arm candy. Not again, please not again.

Again. He holds me like there's nothing wrong, like I should still be as crazily in love with hi as I was those first few months. He still kisses the nape of my neck, thinking it sends pleasure through my body, but Im scared. Only scared.

He terrifies me. I smell him. He smells the same he did the first time we met. It no longer draws me in, instead, repels me. I know that it's what I smell like too though. He forces himself on me to much for me not to smell that way. I've come so close to letting him have his way, but I still fight him away. Im not losing my innocence to him. Not over my dead, broken body.

When we arrived, he ordered all the lights dimmed, and the effects turned on. He's good friends with all the club owners, I mean, he must be their best customer, so why is it a surprise?

I was able to enjoy myself for a while. It was the only time I was aloud way from him. I could breathe! The air was stale, and stank of stale beer, and sweaty people, but I was safe. He wouldn't hurt me out here. I could do what I liked, and know he wouldn't touch me until we got back home.

It wasn't to long though, until my soreness took over, and I couldn't dance any longer. My young body had been aged dramatically by him. I hurt like an old lady, at only 24.

Laurence was ordering another one, so I stopped, and sat down on a bar table near the doorway. If he had another few, I could escape, and be outside  for a while. Alone, outside. The air could caress my body with a gentle touch I was so unaccustomed to. Yes, outside sounded really nice right now.

I watched him from afar for another half hour. He flirted with the young girl next to him. What, was she my age? Younger? I guessed on the later, as from her petite form, she looked only 19. First time in a bar. First time being hit on my a drunk man. Would she be next when I was out of the picture? Maybe. I only prayed that for her sake, she was in town for the weekend, and had a loving boyfriend back home. If only that'd been how it was with me.

He ordered another few while I watched. He slide closer to her, and whispered in her ears things I knew she didn't really want to hear. He was 33 now. That's alot of extra time to learn things, things girls her age shouldn't know.

I rose from my seat, and  walked to the door, carefully avoiding the couples grinding, and the puddles of who-knows-what on the floor. I hate clubs. The elevator was empty, thank goodness, and I was able to just walk in. Serenity here I come.

I stood outside, walking to the empty corner at the end. I gazed around myself in awe. The night was a beautiful one, clear as crystals, the stars like tin lanterns in the sky. The trees were mostly bare, causing an eerie feel to wash over me, sending chills of excitement down my spine. The trees that still held leaves werer bursting with color, and when the lights shone over them, were visible to see for second, before the moment was lost. It was cold, but not icy. I was happy in my dress and cardigan, but thankful that I'd worn tights to protect my legs from the chill that hung in the air.

I had my head turned the other way, when I was run into. Literally.

I turned to find a gorgeous man standing beside me, rubbing his elbow with his hand. I flushed crimson, heat radiating off my face into the cooler night.

" I'm so sorry.. I'm such a clutz sometimes." I mumbled. People were never a strong point with me..

" No, forget about it. I always run into pretty girls late at night." He replied, a smile dancing over his face.

I felt my deep frown lift, and a giggle escape my mouth. It'd been a long time since that'd happeed, and the sound was foreign to me now.

" I'm Damien "  he said lightly, taking his hand off his elbow, and extending it towards me.

I took his hand in mind, and shook it, " Alexis"  I smiled as I spoke, probably looking like an idiot, but I was talking to someone, without being hit. I was thankful.

Then something happened that I didn't mean it to. He turned my arm partially, to a fading bruise I thought I'd hidden well. He brushed it gently with his fingers, and I pulled away with pain.

"What happened?" He murmured quietly, his lips barely moving.

" Accident.." I replied, in hushed tones. It was true, an accident.

"An accident? Was it anything to do with the guy in there, drinking the whole bar dry? I saw you get out of the same cab tonight."

He had noticed that? Laurence's drinking? My being with him? The negativity between us? Was it that obvious that a complete stranger was able to jump to perfect conclusions?

I broke down. My walls were brittle to start with, and with a little pushing, my stories came flooding out, into his eager ears.

His face fell. He could have lost his childhood pet all over again with the look on his face. I was a stranger, he was as well, but I couldn't remember one person who had shown such real concern for me, and my well being. He spoke in tones that comforted me, while feeding my starved soul with hope, and love.

He took my in his arms, as the tears glazed my eyes. His arms were warm and strong, and the embrace we held was perfect in my eyes. I stained his shirt with my tears, and through my blubbering I apologized, trying to force a smile, that came through as a watery grimace.  He took his mouth to my ear, so close, his lips brushed my skin, and whispered to me.

" It's all gonna get better. I'm here now. You won't hurt for much longer Alexis, I'm here to get you out. Don't cry anymore, please, don't cry."

I nodded, and pulled out of his arms. We walked to the grass beside us, and sat gazing at the sprinkles of light in the black sky.

I thought that after Laurence Id be so much more careful. But with Damien.. I was drawn in not by just my heart, but my soul. I'm sure he's the one who was made for me. We were meant to meet, and he was meant to save me, my prince. I love him already, more then I've ever loved anything before. I know he cares, but love isn't an option, not yet.

After a while, I heard a yell behind us. Laurence. I had forgotten about him in my hour of  purity.

I jumped up, and went to walk away. Damien grabbed my, and spoke to me just loud enough for me and the trees to hear.

"Meet me. Tomorrow. There's a place, up in the mountains, on what sounds like your side of town. Ill be there from dawn til dusk. Try, please?"

I nodded my head like an idiot, and ran to meet Laurence.

He yelled at me all the way home for leaving him like an idiot, but the lipstick on his neck, and the buttons undone on his shirt,  were a dead giveaway that he spent no time alone.

I got the usual treatment when we got home, but tonight, I did not scream aloud. I was strong, and he gave up sooner then normal, obviously bored with my quiet game. As he left for the bedroom, I let the tears fall, but I fell asleep with a smile on my face, and with hope in my heart, because my door to freedom has finally been opened.

A/N : The new house was made for me especially, by Steph_444444. It can be found here: Thanks so much Steph!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hey guys.

Im taking this opportunity to raise awareness, because it fits with this generation. October is indeed Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is also, however, Domestic Abuse Awareness month.

So, when your wearing your pink earrings, bangles, t-shirts, glasses etc. Why not wear a bit of purple too? They match, I think.

Many women (and men, I suppose) suffer from abuse in the home. It goes unnoticed, or is labeled as unimportant, until it affects you, in your life. I know people who have suffered, take a moment to think, do you?
What if your best friend started to be abused (technically, not domestic abuse, but) what would you do? Just let is happen? Let her cry herself to sleep every night, wishing she hadn't done something wrong to make him (or her) hit her again, when all she did, was nothing.

Lets get the world aware, and try to stop Abuse in the Home by wearing purple with your pink in October. When people ask? Tell them why your wearing it. Tell them why you care. Maybe one day, this will be a thing of the past, along with the many other evils in our world.

~ Thankyou

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chapter 1.3 ~ A New Side to You

It started as nothing really. I would want red apples, and he would buy green. I wanted a new top, but he would pick another. I thought nothing of it really, sure it was strange, but love was about sacrifice, right?

The time we spent together son began to feel different. It began as a time spent enjoying each others company, to a time where I felt enclosed, watched, and untrusted as a girlfriend. He went from the playful boyfriend to a harsh dictator very quickly, so quickly, that I found myself drowning with no clear way to the surface. He would never let me out of his sight, even if I specifically asked for time alone, to practice my music, or just to be a girl. He would stick around, in the next room for maybe ten minutes, before coming in to  'check on me'. It began to get irritating, and I soon found myself wanting to spend little or no time in his

I truly began to notice it about a month ago. Id go for my jog, and he would 'tag along' or sometimes wait for me at locations he knew I passed.

I had been trying to boost my confidence with strangers, so often, Id talk with other joggers about their routes, or sporting history. Small talk, you know? Sometimes even the weather came up, just to pass time.

Soon, that all stopped. Laurence would follow me more closely after he began to notice the pattern, and as soon as I opened my mouth to a man, he would be right over, and create some sort of distraction, to end the conversation before it truly started. The looks he gave those men.. I doubt they would see anything like it again, other then in their nightmares.

He was very good, however, at making it up to me. Or at least, thats what he called it. I was wound tightly in
his web of lies, and was ready to buy anything he came to my door to sell.

I should have walked away, but I wouldn't. I couldn't! It was always to cold to kick him on the street, to stressful to add the breakup to the mix. If only I'd been brave enough. If only I'd walked away.

It turned truly sour about two weeks ago, at the same club we had met at. A new club was opening in a better part of town, so we were seeing this old place off.

We started off the night with some heavy duty dancing. My new dress came into play, and we were both quite ... attracted  to eachother that night.

We broke off to have a  drink, because we both were feeling the heat of the rarity that is a warm fall night, surrounded with sweaty bodies, and dirty floors.

I admit it. I've given in, and now, Im a regular drinker. Ive never really been as juiced as that first night, but, I've come close a couple times. The jolt I get from the stuff it what I need these days, having to deal with Laurence, and the fact I've not had a gig in almost a month and a half.

Laurence however, is a really heavy drinker. It probably came with the stress from work, or at least, that's what I told myself. He almost always got juiced in the evening, either at home, or in the clubs. His words would be slurred, and his touch would be harder then I was used to, bu nothing usually came from it.

We carried on the night in the same way. I eventually grew tired, physically, and mentally, with the hardships or being the only company to a very drunk man.

Laurence was soon distracted, and hardly noticed that I left his side. I took the opportunity to be risky, and take a chance.

I sat at the bar, ordered a drink, and began a friendly conversation with the bar man. I got over his creepiness after about the tenth time of me being a forced companion to this Hell hole. I told him about my jogs in the morning, and about my vitamin hair wash, which now was a weekly event. He faked interest, and I could tell he had to try hard, but, this could be my only chance at a conversation with another Sim!

Soon though... Laurence noticed.

He was angry to say the least. Fuming would be a better word really. The juice got to his head, and his words fell out like a waterfall, nothing able to stop their flow.

"Alexis! What the Hell are you doing? Dont you realize? Men would kill to be with someone like you, but I can't let that happen. Do you want me to just stop? Feed you to the animals you seem to love so much?"

I faltered. Protecting me? No chance. I wasn't that drunk, I could spot a lie from a mile away, especially from his mouth! I daren't answer back though, he was too far gone, and he wouldn't hold back, no matter who was watching. I had a reputation to uphold, and 'Cheating Girlfriend' wasn't one of the tags Id like to be stuck with.

"Im sorry Laurrie. I was only passing the time until you wanted to leave. Im tired, let me call a cab, take us home, huh?"

His face smoothed. The anger gone and I sighed a sigh of relief. Then he drew his eyes to mine, and I could see the storm brewing in his mind. He was far from calmed down.

He took his hand to my arm, and dragged me out of the bar. I yelped slightly, and gave the bartender a pleading look, but he just lifted his shoulder. I suppose this was a sight he saw often.

We stood in the car park, and it took me a while to realize that Laurence was looking for our car.

"Laurence Kyles, you are NOT driving in this state! A taxi takes ten minutes to call! Let me jus--"

"NO! Just shut the Hell up, and do as I say. We dont need a cab, Im FINE"

His grip to my arm grew tighter, and a whimper of pain escaped my lips. He smirked, evilly, and took me to the car he had finally found.

He got in the drivers side, and threw me into the back. I sat up quickly, rubbing my arm, wishing I had an Aspirin for my banging head. We drove quickly, much faster then the speed limit. I prayed the whole way home, to whoever would listen, to spare us from a fate I knew to be not far away.

As we walked in, I stopped at the door. The time had come, with bruises on my arms and pain in my heart, I was ready to end the bond we once had.

"Laurence... I think ..."

And then I stopped. I couldn't voice the words that flew around my head, wanting to be spoken, but locked away with the coward that I was.

" ... I... think you should take the sofa tonight. Let your body deal with all the crap you put in it tonight, and then we can talk in the morning."

 He laughed, cruelly. I was shocked, and confused, before he began to yell again.

"WHAT ARE YOU THICK OR SOMETHING? You don't call the shots here toots, I do. Me. Your lucky to have me. With your body? Your lucky to have anyone. I tried to hide the curve less thing you have for a body, but nothing worked. Your so ugly, you have no idea how many times I've wanted to leave you, but pity took over my heart. Aren't you thankful Alexis?"

"I--um I --"

" I HATE YOU!"  he screamed " I hate how you looped me in, and now Im tangled in this mess.."

That was it. I snapped. I couldn't take this sort of stuff, not from anyone!

"RIGHT! I don't know who you think you are, but .."


I made the stupid mistake of opening my mouth again. He was quick to close it...

He slapped me. Right on the cheek, with the force of a truck, or so it felt. He didnt hold back, and didnt want to either. My face burned with fiery pain, and I was speechless, just as he had asked me to be.

Tears fell down my face, taking with them the thick make up I was wearing. I couldn't stop them falling, and I didnt want to. He had hurt me badly, very badly.

He then took me, and shoved me in the bedroom. Slamming the door, he left, and I could hear the faint opening of a beer bottle from the kitchen. I lent against the wall, my body on the verge of shutting off to the world, and just becoming a shell. What had I done to deserve this?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chapter 1.2 ~ Living the Fairytale

The weeks after meeting Laurence flew by in a blur of colour, money, and intense make out sessions.
He was a successful business owner, and had lots of the green stuff to spare, and despite my original intentions of splitting every bill halfway, I soon realized that to let him get his way was the way to go.

We spent alot of the days outside, enjoying the sunshine, and the sounds of the beauty that just ran along side our magical lives. We couldn't get enough of each other!

Romantic Days at the beach weren't hard to come by. We would sit at the waters edge, entirely entwined with eachothers, in body as well as soul. The water would gently lap at your legs as we became completely one, kissing, and touching, as if we owned the place.

We lived a very relaxed lifestyle after he moved in with me. The whispers around town flew by my ears, and out of my mind, before I even realized Id heard them. Moving so quickly? Doesn't know what she's got herself into? Maybe that's true, but what you don't know can't hurt you.

We would picnic in the park, on the days to cool for the ocean. Fall wasn't too far away, and some days were too nippy to step a foot on the beach, so the park was a beautiful solution. Im not sure, but I dont think we spent more then ten minutes apart from each other in a day. What is that they say about young love?

On one of these trips, I sat contented in his lap. A full belly, sun on my face, and a hunk around my shoulder? I couldn't think of something better, myself. Laurence though, seemed distracted from his normal self. He worried, and I could feel it. His very self was away from me that day, so, of course, I pried.

"Laurrie? Are you okay babe? You seem a little out of it today."

He faltered, but only slightly. His warm smile soon returned to his face, and his eyes danced, though not in the same way that I was used to. He kissed my head, and whispered in a low voice, close to my ear.

"Im fine, my love, perfectly so. Just tired after you..long night last night, I suppose. Don't mind me."

Don't even think of that. No. Long night, maybe, but Im well you know. Nothing happened, and nothing will, not until Im married. I laid my head back on his shoulder, and relaxed again, my mind not so much at peace, but sated for the while.

We went, that weekend, to a high end salon, to get me a new dress, and  my hair treated with some sort of vitamin wash. My hair felt great, though the dress that Laurrie forced on me was rather...  low cut, and more revealing then Id have liked.  I thanked him, all the same, with a warm kiss, and a hug. Im sure he was in the same blissful world that I was. It's amazing how quickly life can change..

A/N: Sorry for the lack of pics and stupidly tiny chapter... my whole game fiasco wiped a load of them out. Well no. I wiped them trying to fix it >.> Well hopefully you can forgive me, and get ready for the epic chapter out tomorrow (So soon, I know, but I have the pics, and you've waited a while!)

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Why don't we have Updates WriterGurl?

Sorry that Im posting a non-chapter. I feel dirty for doing so, but, thats what is happening xD Just a quickie, okay?

Well, I was planning on updating more often then I have done so far, but, I need my mods to be updates before I can play my save. So Youll probably have to wait a few more days for the mods, and then about another day for the chapter. Sorry for the delay, outta my hands :3

Till then ~

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 1.1 ~ What's it Supposed to Feel Like?

Starting life as an adult is harder then you'd think. I don't know how much longer the money in my pocket will last me, or when I'll get another gig. I guess that's what you get, when you let a passion rise above your college option. So that's why I sit here, in a dark living room, playing on my keyboard.

Probably the most expensive thing in the place, if you want my opinion. It's not new either, but it almost cost me all the money I have spare. I only hope it's worth it, in the end. I practice from the sunrise, to the sunset, except for calling around to bars and clubs, looking for open nights, and such.

It just so happens that tonight is the first night of the rest of my musical career. At least... I hope. I've got a gig! Sure it's the worst part of town, and sure, it's run by the sleaziest guy in the world, but it's a job! SV Singles night, here I come!

Then the nerves set in. I don't even know if I'll be able to perform without letting the crowd know what I had for lunch. Public places? Not my forte. Id prefer to stay at home with a book, and a husband. Huh. Well isnt that just swell? A Curse on my head, and a performing career. See how easy Ive got it?


About 4 hours later, I called a cab to take me to the location. It wasn't a friendly ride at all. She said nothing. Not a word! She pointed to the little number on the dash, and grunted a goodbye. I never remembered the public to be so harsh. What if everyone at the bar hates me like that? What if I get booed? What if I forget how to play? What if, what if, what if?

When I arrived, I sat at the bar across from my employer. He looked me up and down in such a way that I felt very uneasy, and I suddenly realized that I was a good hour away from my house, and everything I knew, in a part of town where no one would take a second look at a fuss in a back alley.

"I-I'm here for th-the job? Alexis? Alexis Carmody? We spoke on the phone this morning."

"Ah.. Of course! I knew you'd be pretty, but I had no Idea you had just fine.. attributes babe"

I shuddered inwardly. What had I gotten myself into?

"I'll start now, Mr.Saunders, if it's all the same."

He nodded, and pointed me to the small stage. I glanced around me, surveying the crowd. It consisted of about six people, all doing their own thing, all pretty wasted already.

I started with a slower song, but soon realized that these people weren't gonna support the poetic side of me, so I picked up the pace to a song that was easy to play, and easier to dance to. Before I knew it, my qualms had lifted with the music, and I was only aware of my fingers, and the notes they danced on.

I was soon attracting the crowds away from the bar, and over to the dance floor. Non began to really dance, but they all nodded, and whistle in appreciation. It was then I noticed him walk in.

He joined the back of the group, nodding his head, and tapping his feet to the music. He loosened his tie, and unfastened his jacket, obviously coming straight from a day in the office. If I didn't have to focus, Im sure I could have lost myself in the aura that the mysterious stranger brought upon the dingy place, but the song wasn't over yet, and I needed to get paid.

As I stood from the piano, finishing my song, I was greeted with a round of warm applause, which brought a hot flame across my face, Im sure. As I went to tidy away my music, I felt a pair of warm hands on my hips. I was ready to elbow a creep in the gut, but was surprised to find the mystifying stranger there instead.

" I apologize. I didn't mean to startle you"  He spoke in a voice as smooth as velvet, that washed over me much like I'd imagine the milky way would, should it be possible to touch such a place.

"I-I'm fine, thank you" I said, clearing my throat lightly.

He slipped his hands from my waist, to his pockets, and I turned to face him.

"That song was quite enchanting, much like your eyes." He smiled in a way that made me almost faint. My cheeks blazed, and I looked down.

"Thank you" I murmured.

"Can I buy you a drink? Then maybe you'll relax enough to tell me your name sweetums."

"That would be great" I said, with a little too much enthusiasm to satisfy my ever critical mind.

He brought over two drinks on a tray as dirty as the floor outside, but I took it anyway. They were slightly larger then I'd have liked, but I'm sure that nothing too bad can come from it.

"Thank you" I smiled warmly, taking the glass from the tray.

I took one sip, and felt the electric that id alcohol surge through my body for the first time in my life. Maybe my first time drinking shouldn't have been with a total stranger, late at night, on the wrong side of town, but I liked it. Alot.

He was right. After a couple of the glasses that size, Id lost all tabs on everything, let alone being shy!

"So.. you name?"

"My name is Alexis. Alexis Carmody."

He smiled at that, but I couldn't think why.

"Im Laurence. Laurence Kyle. It's a pleasure to meet you Alexis."

I giggled like a school girl, the drink going straight to my head. I could have sworn I'd known this guy for years, not minutes.

We continued to talk for a while, about nothing and everything. He pointedly asked if I was single, and I confirmed the fact. Not to long after, he took my hand and I didn't pull away. Everything was going right!

He came closer now. He laid his hand on my waist, and his face just inches away from my ear. His hot breath ran down my back, sending shivers through my body, and his cologne tingled my nose with an intoxicating sent.

"How's about we take this back to your house Doll?"

" 'Course"

I was just able to slur my address to the driver, before Laurence had his arm around me in the back seat, and the only noises I could muster were ones that, looking back, must have embarrassed the Hell out of the poor woman driving. Laurence tossed some money on the seat, before we stumbled inside.

When his lips locked to mine, I lost control. More  so then with the drinks, and more so then with my music. He pushed me though. Hard. He wanted more then I was willing to to give, at least not so soon. He seemed content with what I was giving though.. heh... more then content.

So that's how I spent my first night with a man: On the couch, liplocked, after knowing him only hours. But that was love right? Isn't this how it was supposed to be?