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Q --How Do you get the tabs at the top of your blog?

A-- Well first, go to the Dashboard. From there, click Edit Posts. You will see three options at the top of the page. New Post, Edit Posts, and Edit Pages. Go to the third, Edit Pages. From there, you see a big button, saying New Page. This will give you a new 'tab' at the top of your blog. You may add up to 20 of these page.

Q-- How do you change the cloths (blankets) that the babies are in?

A-- Okay. First of all make sure you have Twallan's Master Controller. This will give you a gateway to a whole new world of simming :)

If you have this installed correctly, you can click on the baby. The NRaas option will come up. after this, find Master controller. When the list pops up, look to the bottom. You should see a Stylist option (I think 3 up from the last?). You can use this to color the blanket however you please.

Q-- How did Dawn get pregnant? Did you age her up, or what?

A-- Haha, nope, I didn't age her up. I'm much to lazy for that! This uses Master Controller again.
Click on the sim you would like to impregnate. If you go to NRaas, Master Controller, and then Intermediate, then you should find another list of options. About half way, you should see the option to Pollinate. Click this and you will have a list of ways to narrow down the town of sims to the one you want. Most likely you will know the father's (Or mothers, since this is an option for same-sex conception) name, so you can go to the gender, and find the name (listed alphabetically by last name). Your sim is now pregnant. Keep in mind you will need some teen maternity. Mine is from Poppy Sims.