Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bye Guys D'=

So, due to technical issues, this legacy has to end before her time. I can;'t get my save to play for over 5 minutes without a crash for anything, and idk why.

I'm so sorry, I can't even tell you. I really wanted to finish this one.

So as not to stop writing, I am starting a DitFT, I'd love to see every one of you there.

Sorry again

Zoe xxooxx


  1. D: I can't even tell you how sad I am! Have you tried copying the saved game from your documents, and then un-install everything to do with Sims 3? After that you can put the game back in your documents.

    1. Along with your Mods, so you don't have to find them again. And other saved games you have. But only choose a few, in case one of them is glitchy and the cause for the problem. Then again, one of your Mods could be making it over-do itself.

    2. Yep. I tried that, making a new town, playing with no CC or mods, all of it. It sucks D= The forum has a link to my new story, so this doesnt have to be goodbye between us <3

    3. Could you give me the link? <3 I can't seem to find it >.<

  2. OMG! Now I have to throw my sister at the wall, as promised. "Hey, Melissa..."

    I am so sad beyond belief =(

  3. Aw :c Your legacy was one of my inspirations. It's sad to see such perfection leave. ♥

  4. Soory to all. This was one that was out of my hands, because trust me, I tried to stop it. Link to the new blog is here:

    You know I love you all <3