Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter 1.9 ~ The Terrible Two's

What did they say about the terrible two's? Well either way, I got two doses of that, plus the Tortuous Three's.

From the day those two caught onto the whole 'Let's run Mom ragged to we can do what we like' concept that children seem to work off, it was as good as done for me. They were a team. Iliana complained about one, but that one never had a partner in crime to distract and distress while the other drew on the walls, spilt juice all over the floor,or broke the antique lamp in the living room.

They were like two little peas in a pod those two. I knew it wouldn't last forever, and that one day they'd give anything to be different, and away from each other, but for now, they were a two part deal. Saying that, they both had unique little personalities on them. Dawn was the brains of the operation, and she was as stubborn as a mule. Dusk, however, seemed less into the whole learning show, and more into exploration, and discovering things with his own two hands, and knowing that touching the black and yellow striped fuzzies will hurt, and the  fizzy orange liquid in the bottom top cupboard tastes like Heaven on Earth.

I spent a lot of time sitting down with the both of them, trying to pry sentences out of Dusk's mouth, and plug the river of words coming out of Dawn's.

After a while, I was shoved out of the driver's seat, and Dawn took over, doing all the talking, the walking, and lesson teaching. Those 7 minutes really must matter in the world of 3 year olds. 

"It's easy! Just open your mouth, and the thoughts just come out of it!"

The true hardship of being a single mother was indeed... Meal times.

Dusk was always the first to act up. Even after he learnt to talk as well ( Or nearly as well) as Dawn could, he still refused to speak while in 'Tantrum Mode'. It was wailing, and screaming, enough to shake our little house to pieces, until the dish was set infront of him. Then, the oh-so important taste test.


Dusk enjoyed the finer things in life, I think. He will make a great man one day, I can tell already. 

Dawn was a much easier fix when it came to meals, although her clean-up always seemed to take a Hell of a lot longer.

Probably because she ate with her face, more then her mouth, Bless. She may not be the perfect princess from fairy tales, but she definitely has the passion to go far.

 During the day times, we passed the days in the back yard, playing on the playground I had built from funds saved away for.. events no longer planned. It was a beautiful place in the end, and we all enjoyed it.

Dusk zipped around the atmosphere, my little spaceman, touching all the stars with his bare hands, and tasting the milky way with his tiny pink tongue.

Then perfectly landing back in the yard, not a mark to my lawn, ready to go explore other lands, duller then space, I presume, yet he never once complained about spending time in the Sahara, instead of on the Moon.

The there was my little pixie, Dawn.

She jumped valleys and meadows on a pink unicorn, hair flowing long and free, only the hooves of her steed hitting the soft floor to invade her serene world.

That was, until it was time to come home to Momma and Dusk, and leave the work of magic behind.

No, that never did go down well. We would have a constant stream of "Just five more minutes Mommy?" and "Do we really have to go inside now? " until I finally pried her away, and we  left the playground for the night.

It didn't normally take too long though, before all was forgotten, and we were good friends once again.

Now the twins' favourite part of the day may have been playtime, but mine, was bedtime. No, not for the peace fo the night, or the chance to relax, because both those options gave opportunity for me to think, and dwell on memories I'd rather let lie.
No, bedtime was my favorite part of the day because with bedtime came story time.

I think we all looked forward to it, because as soon as Mommy went to the bookcase, everything was dropped, and everyone headed for the nursery.

Dawns was normally first in, but that was only because she was more steady on her feet.

They'd gather at my feet, and I'd read them stories that made their little eyes glow with happiness, and smiles dance on their mouths.

"I do not like them, Sam-I-Am, I do not like, Green Eggs and Ham."

Most often, by the time this was done, I'd have two sleepy little people by my toes, ready for the sandman to appear, and send dreams to their heads. 

So I'd lay them down in their cots..

Kiss both their heads gently, and wish happy dreams on them both, before flicking off the light, and closing the door until only about a foot of space was left.

Then that only left the days clean up, and a very tired Mommy left in the waking part of the house, who not to long after two tiny pairs of green eyes closed themselves, closed her own pair as well.


  1. I apologize for lack of event, but its rounding up the generation, this chapter and Next. I hope you still enjoy <3

  2. *nods head in agreement* That they are <3