Saturday, December 17, 2011

Generation Two: House Tour (House By MsGrace)

Hey yall.

Nope, not a chapter, but more an..update. Ill just post a few pics of the BEAUTIFUL house by MsGrace, so you can get an idea of the layout etc.

It's honestly beautiful. Even playing it, I have so much enjoyment! It flows so well, and Im constantly just find myself taking pics to incorporate more of the room!

So Ill stop blathering on now, and just let you enjoy the pics!

All the best, Writer~

Things to note:

~ The 'paneled' rooms are int he attic. They will be kids rooms.
~ The nursery is Jungle themed
~ The master is the blue room, and is colored in that way, as blue is Dawn's favorite color.
~I apologize for Alexis being asleep in her room. She was very tired..


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