Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chapter 2.7 ~ Replacements

Time went on. but it seems that's all I say. Time went on, but never progressed. I spent numerous hours with Jinx. She said things, little things, that made me think about my life. Look at me. I'm going on 30! What do I have to show for my life so far? Not much. That's exactly right, and no one can deny it. No full bank account, no perfect marriage, no extreme success.

I'm a no one in this world. I have to do something to get me remembered. Something.

After the original sketches were finished, Jinx's painting was the easiest thing to do in the world! I had her image permanently imprinted to my mind. The way her lips were always too dark for anyone with a fashion conscious mind to accept, due to the way her skin was whiter them milk on the warmest days of summer.  I had put my all into this painting, and honestly, it was good Jinx was around here with me, because otherwise, the family would have come to a standstill.

Jinx took over main care of my children. They didn't mind in the slightest, as they all adored her. It was the same reversed. Jinx was finally getting a chance at motherhood, and being a sibling, all at once. It was new to her, and sometimes, she would need a little help. Like when it came to braiding Jet's long hair. It was difficult for her to get her fingers, no matter how nimble, around the locks without causing  poor Jet to wail in pain. I'm sure it never really hurt, Jet's always been a tad dramatic.

Amethyst has warmed up to Jinx incredibly. Those two are inseparable, the way I wish I was with her. She tells Jinx all her secrets, as she does with me, but sometimes Jinx will mention in passing something Am decided wasn't worth telling me. Or that I shouldn't be told. It hurt, really it did, but I couldn't let her see that.


Jinx was a dab hand in the kitchen. Anything she touched, tasted brilliant. We hadn't had to scrape burnt bits off of our meals for weeks! She was always willing to make the meal, never once complaining. I once asked her about it, and she grew very quiet.

"My Momma. She used to cook with me. It reminds me of her." 

It was the first time I'd seen her feel any negative emotion. Apparently her Mom died in hospital a while back now. The wound on Jinx's heart was raw, but healing, as she put it.

I continued to grow. With new life. with new hope. Maybe with a new way to bring Joel back to me. He hadn't spoken to me other then greetings for what.. eight days now? I could feel him slipping away, and I desperately wanted him back, with me, in my arms, like we were all those years ago. I missed him.

We had been given news that we were to expect twins with this birth, again. Apparently it's an increased multiples rate, being a multiple myself , but Dusk still only has little Damien. Odd.

Joel has moved his office from my studio. Paint fumes clogging his sinuses or something. I spoke about it to Jinx, and she offered me very little. She seemed to be with-holding an opinion the whole time, until I made her spit it out.

It had been a really hard morning already, my back killing, fake labor pains all through the night, and Joel gone before I woke up.

Jinx was out of her apartment, and to our house by 9AM, and by that time, I had gone from cranky, to empty. Just empty, stripped of emotion. Should I even care anymore? I mean, it's not like I'm not used to him ignoring me.

"What do you think of it?" I asked, gesturing to the portrait, as I felt Jinx's presence arrive behind me. Take note that I felt it. I never hear her enter a room.

"It's extremely flattering. I'm sure my nose is more crooked then that"  she laughed airily.

I managed a tight smile, but still the cold, empty feel of the day consumed me.

"Have I lost him, Jinx?" I whispered, my eyes now closed, paintbrush lowered.

"Not yet. You still have control here. Don't let him slip, if you still love him." Her hand slinked its way onto my shoulders, thumbs making small circles, relieving some pent up tension that had been growing in my body.

"I love him. But aren't you supposed to let what you love go? And if it ever loved you, it would come back?" My voice has risen three pitches, desperation creeping into every word.

"You could try. But is it worth risking it?" Her voice was level, and missing her normal sweetness. Seriousness claimed her emotional state, and she was telling me everything she thought.

I walked to a chair in the corner, laying my forehead in my hands, silent tears threatening to spill.

Jinx came over and kissed my hair gently, as my Mother had done when I was little.

"Don't let him be the one who gets away, Dawn. Keep him close, if it's what you want. Think about yourself for once." then she exited the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

She was right, I thought about others too often. More so then myself.  But what if thinking of myself made Joel miserable? Made him unable to live his life, like he deserved to? Gosh. Sometimes, I wish I had died the lonely cat woman I'd planned to be.


I heard Jinx holler at me from the kitchen, that it was time to eat lunch. Eat? How long had I been left alone? Long enough to make a meal? Apparently.

Am was at school, and the girls napping upstairs. Joel was.. ah, who knows. Work, hopefully.

My Mom had only just risen, and was still in her nightgown. She was worrying me lately. Doctors called it Depression, but really, why should she be depressed? Then again, in the state I'm in, I may as well accept another heap to my already heaving plate.

Jinx ate something left over from the morning, as my Mother and I tucked into a Greek Salad. No one spoke, but the silence wasn't uncomfortable. We all had thoughts to dwell upon, and no one needed to talk about their problems. The only person whose thoughts I couldn't read were my Mothers.. but who could anymore?

I went back to my painting after the dishes were done. I heard the door latch about a half hour later, indicating that my Mother must have gone out. Jinx wouldn't leave without saying goodbye to me. 

Then it happened.

The first pang of labor was so familiar now, I should be ready for it. Of course though, I wasn't. It rippled down my spine, and over my bloated stomach. I planned to be calm, you know, third time the charm and all, but a scream left my mouth before I even saw it coming.

Jinx bolted through, her own face contorted with fear.  It was then I remembered that I was the first pregnant woman she had ever met. And now she was the only one around for my labor.

"Jinx. Hospital, now. Get the car." She nodded, eyes not leaving the puddle forming at my feet. 

She was back in the studio before I knew what was happening. I heard the rumble of the engine outside, and I began to make my way to he door.  Jinx gave a little sigh of exasperation, and scooped me up in her slender arms, swiftly leading me to the car.

I was laid in the back seat, and we sped off. The journey was quick. I knew we were speeding, and we should slow down, but I already had urges to push. How far apart were he contractions now? Okay, count.
One, two, three, four. Four minutes? No, that can't  be right. Count again.

We arrive before I could count the minutes again. This time I walk, and I'm quick, because I'm worried. I'm immediately placed in a wheelchair, and taken to Labor & Delivery.  Jinx is sterilized, and quickly follows me into the room. None of the nurses know what to do with this baby, rushing to get to the world, so the doctor is paged. She comes, rapidly throwing her white uniform over a stained blouse. Obviously someone was on her way home.

Two and a half hours later, record time, I delivered two beautiful baby girls. Jinx joked hat it was two more to add to our pack, and I beamed at her. Mom was in a room across the hall, being told to quieten down her excited squeals over her two new granddaughters.  Two more angels to cherish.  But what would Joel think? I knew he wanted a Son.

Wait. Joel?

"Jinx. Where's Joel?"

Her face crumpled to a frown, and I worried for her answer.

"I called him four times. Once on the way here, twice while you were in labor, and again just now. No answer. No show."

I had a flood of emotions. Anger, Betrayal, Sadness. Then my  cold nothing, my icy empty, that I have learnt to expect when talking of my husband.

By the evening, I was allowed home, with my two gorgeous girls, Moonstone, and Morganite. Moon and Morgan for short.

I traveled cooing to them in the back sea, while Jinx's face remained hard.

As we walked through the door, my Mom took the two baskets from my hands, fussing over me, and the girls. Am came barreling down the stairs, to see her new sisters. Even Jet and Jade were catching on to the excitement, and peeking into the baskets Mom had set on the floor.

I made my way upstairs to the bathroom to clean up, when I walked by the office. Inside I saw Joel. My anger boiled over, and  I began to see everything in a haze of red. My vision blurred, my mind exploded.

Jinx trotted up the stairs, to find me clinging to the railing at the top of the staircase. My knuckles were white, nails digging into my palms. Eyes glazed, most likely. A hard stare at the wall rose to meet her sympathetic eyes. That did it. I wasn't going to be pitied. I was going to stand up for myself.

"Joel. Get out here now." My voice was hard, and rough. Like I hadn't had a drink in days.

He sighed loudly, and it was all I could do not to rip the railing from the floor. Sauntering out, he seemed to realize what he had done. What had happened.

"Babe, I-" he began.

"Don't babe me. You missed the birth of our daughters. You have left me this whole pregnancy. It's like being married to a dead man!" I yelled, tears leaking from my eyes, but I was unable to tell if I was crying from anger, or sadness.

"I was worki-"

"Yea. You were working. I know. So do we all. We all know that this family is a second to work. With the way your being, it may even be a third to someone else as well."

He went to speak, but I cut him off. His face was hard, but his eyes were burning with sadness. I couldn't care less.

"Fudge you." I whispered. "Fudge you. Fudge us."

He went to touch my arm, but I pulled away. 

"Go to Hell." I murmured, barely audible. 

He make a small sound. A sob? Before leaving for the study again. I didn't know where we stood now, but I wasn't happy with it.

A pair of arms slid their way around my waist, a hand rubbed my back, and then stroked my hair as I cried. I may have felt dreadfully lonely, and abandoned, even forgotten.

But there had always been one person who was strong. Jinx would always be here for me.


  1. Dang that was intense....poor Dawn. I hope Karma comes back to bite Joel in the you-know-what before the gen is over.

  2. It sure was. I'm sure that you'll all be shocked by the ending of this Gen. Maybe not what you all wanted, but shocked.

  3. joel deserved what he got, and ditto with dawn, joel needs to go to hell

  4. Hah, strong opinions ;) I like it. The next chapter may just sway you though..

    Thanks for reading <3

  5. I think... I think I may just have a hunch about whats gonna happen... but it IS just a hunch.
    But anyways, poor Dawny. Joel's a big meanie >.<

  6. Does Jinx have a thing for Dawn? It seems like it could be going that direction.

    Joel hasn't been happy with his life. He stays but is not really there. They won't remain married much longer I think.

  7. @ J&R: Oooh. I'd love to hear what you think, while I don't want you to be right and give it away xD Hah, well a bunch is given away next chapter, so lemme know then xD

    @Jazen: Aha, clever thinking. No one has come to me guessing that yet. And you're right. Jole stays purely to prove himself to Dusk, and the Carmody family.

  8. Is it just me, or does Joel look EXACTLY like the guy who got Alexis pregnant!?

    And I think Joel needs to step up as a Father and a Husband.... It's like he's not even there. D:

  9. I think he is secretly dating Jinx

  10. He may be doing so. I guess we'll all find out next chapter ;)

  11. @YummyDino He does. It was my bad, using the same hair style. I only realized when re-editing the other day D=

    Joel is basically not there. Failing by trying too hard.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Writer; You're welcome. c:

    And I could've noticed that because he's blonde, too. :p