Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chapter 2.5 ~ Life Goes On

Life goes on. We all know it, and try our best to accept it. We can't change the past, and we can't predict the future. My life was no exception, and it too, has gone on.

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote, so Ill just take this little time away from the kids to tell you about it.

The first thing we did after Amethyst ( fondly referred to as Amy) was settled into our little family, was get married. Now, as you can imagine, no one was up for celebrating the day, or really, the marriage at all. Joel and I made our way down to the City Hall, alone, and really quite sullen.

A few signatures later, and I was a married woman. No more little teenage Dawn, I was a wife, and a Mom. Things had to change in my life, and quickly. So they did.

After we were married, everyone realized something and quickly. Our little 2 bedroom condo was indeed just that: little. We had to upgrade, so we contacted a few people, and soon found ourselves in a beautiful family home, plenty big enough for us all.

Everyone was happy for a while. Years, passed, and soon Dusk and I left school.

We both graduated with honors. I was offered a full scholarship to Simford, but had to turn it down. It was one of the hardest things Ive done, but I couldn't just up and leave my family for school. Amy was just a baby then, and she could barely speak at that time, let alone fend for herself while I was away. Okay.. maybe she wouldn't have to fend for herself..Dusk was there.

For a while. Then he dropped a bombshell.

"Mom? Dawn? Amy? I have something to tell you... I'm moving out with Cherry."

Oh yea..Cherry. Dusk's wife. Now, don't get me wrong, she's a great girl. I just don't like her all that much. She's overly flirty, smears every sentence she speaks with layer upon layer of sickly sweetness, and dresses in clothing that I'd have been embarrassed to glance at on the mannequin. Over all though, she was alright. Pretty as anything, as in love with my brother as humanly possible, and as far as I knew, not on anything she shouldn't be on.

In my books, that makes a person okay.

Mom was devastated. I mean devastated. She spent a few days locked in her room, crying. I'd go in when she'd let me, and she'd cry on my shoulder, saying over and over that everyone she loves goes away. It was quite the sight, but after a while, Dusk was aloud into her room, and they talked it out.

The evening of their departure arrived quicker then anyone really wanted it to (aside from Cherry who only wished it'd been sooner). I spent a little while saying my farewells to Cherry.

"I'll miss you all!! I'll miss  staying here! I mean, you guys are so awesome! I just love you all! OMG! I just realized, I am one of you guys now! AHH! That means I'm awesome too!"

See? She's alot to handle all in one go..

"Awe, hun! You'll be round here all the time! We'll miss having you here, but you guys need some privacy!"

She laughed at this, probably a little lost at my lack of..pep. Yea, it's pep.

As our conversation ended, I drew a small gift from it's hiding spot in the house, and brought it outside to Cherry. It wasn't really anything, just a duvet cover for their new house that I'd picked up during the week, but from Cherry's reaction, you'd think I'd given her all the riches of the world!

"Oh my Gosh. Oh dear me. Oh Gosh! Oooh! I love it, Dawny! I love it! It's so pretty! You're so awesome!"

Awesome= Cherry's favorite word.

No, I don't think Ill miss waking up to her energy every morning.

Then came the real hard part.

I kept the silly smile glued to my face. Mom was already on the verge of tears, Dusk didn't need to feel worse.

"I'm going to miss you, Dusk" I whispered.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Dawn."

Now, I know it was only ten minutes in the car, but we'd never been apart. From the womb, to today, there'd never been a time I didn't have my brother by my side.

"You're going to visit me right? Don't just forget about us legacy people over here" I laughed gently, trying desperately to lighten the mood, before these tears spilt.

"Course. I mean, you can hardly be expected to live with Mom, Joel, AND Amy for any length of time!"

This time, I really laughed. It was muffled though, as those tears had shown themselves, and I was bawling into his shoulder.

"I love you Dusk"

"Love you too, Dawn"

He stroked my hair gently, until Mom gently cleared her throat behind me. I pulled away slowly, not wanted to let go of Dusk.

"Take care of yourself, baby boy" Mom said firmly, but with love, into Dusk's ear.

"You know I will Mom. I love you."

"I love you too."

I knew that they had said their true goodbyes earlier, when nobody else was around. Mom wouldn't let him leave with a few simple lines, I knew that for certain.

Dusk then swooped to my feet, and snatched Amethyst up, tickling her the whole way. She screamed with laughter, letting that beautiful sound ring out for the whole world to hear.

"Bye Bye Amy. Be good for Mommy."

"Gowing?" Amy said, head to the side, eyes slightly glazed. She may not have been able to talk all that well, or understand everything to perfection, but she did love her Uncle, and she knew something was happening.

"Yes chick, I am going. Ill come visit all the time though!"

Her bottom lip stuck out immediately, and she buried her head in his shoulder, making little whimpering noises. Her held her head close, before handing her back to me.

The light quickly left us, as the evening turned to night. Joel came out after all the emotional parts were finished, as he didn't want to impose, and said goodbye to his brother-in-law.

It was all so stiff, and formal, I wondered at how fast a relationship could change. Only three years ago, they were inseparable.

"Take Care, Dusk."

"You too. Take care of my family, Joel. Don't let them  fend for themselves at any time, got it?"


As Dusk and Cherry went to the car, Mom let the tears go again. I tried really hard not to follow her lead, but it was all in vain, and within the minute it took them to load the trunk of the car, I had my face stained with the mascara of the day.

It was so silly. He wasn't dead, he could visit, or call, anytime he wanted. But he was going. Easy, like that.

I think that was the part that hurt, that he could leave. I knew I never could, even if I wanted. Never.

Soon enough, all the Carmody girls were sobbing. I'm not sure how much Am understood, but it was obviously enough.

With one blown kiss to us girls, and a civil nod of the head to Joel, they hopped in the old car, and drove off. With them, they took everyhting I'd tried to cling onto. All my childhood memories included Dusk. With him leaving, I had to accept that the easy, carefree part of my life was gone too.

Needless to say, most of your household cried in bed that night.

But we are talking about life going on, and again, it did. Years passed in fact. Dusk would visit constantly, and no less now then in the first few days of leaving. I grew up quickly, learning that even if Dusk had stayed, I would have had to be a big girl anyway. Last week, Dusk brought news that he and Cherry were expecting, we of course are overjoyed, and I can't wait to meet my niece, or nephew.

As time went on, the house seemed empty. We, being Joel and I, quickly fixed this problem. A few years after Dusk left, I found myself pregnant. No one was unhappy this time round, and everyone was excited for the new arrival, even Am, who had just started Grade Two at the local school. Of course, she spent endless hours bragging to her friends that she was becoming a big sister.

A few Doctor's appointments later, we found I was expecting twins.

While I was pregnant this time, my true motherly instincts took over. I was the typical Mother, cooking,cleaning, and tending to the family. Amethyst would stop by while I cooked, and we would talk about her day at school. Sometimes about the girls, sometimes about the boys. The latter conversations were quickly changed, as I didn't want my 8 year old getting any thoughts. Nope. I made that mistake.

Mom, Am, and I would all eat the meal I cooked, be it burnt, or not. Mostly burnt, but that's beside the point.

Joel was a hard worker, so that's what he spent most of his time doing. Working. Partially, I think he was trying to make it up to Dusk, so we would never be tight on cash, or anything of the sort. I knew it would never work, but we still needed the money.

He would work at the CEO buildings in town all day, then come home at 5 only to carry on work until we went to bed. Usually, this was at about 11, or 12 at night, and so the kids usually didn't see all that much of him. Life was as it was though, and this was how it was for a lot of families today.

I did my share as well though, picking up my old hobby and making it a career.

Whenever Am was at school, I'd be at my easel. Sometimes Id need second opinions, and drag Joel away from his work for a whole 20 seconds, but most of the time, I got to keep to myself.

Until the twins came.

Trust me they are so so different, you'd never think they were siblings, let alone twins! The blonde, is Jade, and the one with black hair, is Jet. We have no idea where she got that hair color.. but it suits her.

Jade is the night crier. All night. Every night. It doesn't really matter what time of night it is, as long as she's awake, she needs something, and that means everyone must know about it.

On most nights, Jet just sleeps through. She's the angel, when it comes to sleeping. Any other time.. maybe not. She doesn't like walking, or talking, or eating. She does however, like being outside.

Unless Mom is on one of her 'nights', where she doesn't sleep a wink, just kind of cries, and thinks about her life up until now, Im the one to tend to the kids. Joel works such long hours, its unfair to have him up all night as well.

Having all the kids is a handful, especially at meals, when no one seems to be hungry for the same thing. Bedtime is hard too, because of course everyone isn't tired, and needs one more story, or one more goodnight kiss.

Too add to it all?

I'm pregnant again.


  1. Awwwww.......the twins are cute, and Amy is growing up nicely. Its gonna be sad though how it all ends, it seems like they would be a happy family forever.

  2. Thankyou! Any early favorite? and I'd say that the one word to describe the ending to this gen is...Dramatic.

  3. I can't really say until I see how the others turn out. I even haven't seen Amy as a Teen yet, but I would pick her as of now, but that could easily change once I see her sisters.

  4. True. I normally pick favorites without even realizing, but Ill keep quite on this one. I wanna see the new girls before I judge.

  5. Well things are going ok for Dawn so far. Joel has stuck around which I didn't expect him to do. They are apparently finding time for each other even with active twins and his long work hours with her pregnant again. Four(?) kids. wonder if that is going to be the strain....

  6. It wasn't in Joel's original nature to try so hard, Dusk fueled him to prove himself again, after messing up in his teens.

    Thanks for reading <3

  7. Joel works such long hours...Joel works such long hours...Joel works such long hours...