Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chapter 3.4 ~ The News

Now, I may still be young, and I may not be the genius that everyone wishes to be, but I can tell you one thing, and it's the only fact I can assure you that will never be proven wrong : Triplets are extremely hard to raise.

Now, I know I can't complain, I love them all dearly, as they do I, but with Mike at the local base all day running drills, and other tasks for the big man, it's even harder. I'm on my own most of the time, and when its three to one, things never seem to go well.

My days all started the same, waking up to piercing wails from the other room, and an empty bed beside me. It took a while to get used too, but I adapted well enough.

When left to their own devices while I showered, or answered the door, the kids were normally well behaved.   Well, most. Sierra and Simon were hardly ever found in trouble, but Stevie had a more.. inquisitive nature.

She often got stuck in the toy box, and after a while, figured out that at bath time, it was a jolly good place to hide from Mommy. It didn't take long for me to catch on, but Stevie didn't realize that. I let her have her fun, it was all a big game, and I wanted her life to be that way for as long as possible.

Tiny Tim was getting along better with the triplets then I could have ever wished. They love him, and he loved them. He took on the role of a big brother, protecting, yet playful.

Tim had his time to play whenever Jet came over. She had a bit of downtime in work right now, so she was over more then Moon, who was busy in the medical career, hours longer then I'd have thought legal. 

Jet and I were closer then ever, getting along as well as Moon and I. She was able to relax around me, and reveal her feelings on life, and the past. She tried hard to avoid the Mom subject, and that was perfect for me.  I didn't need to start building up that wall again.

Feeding time was probably the second hardest part of the day, the hardest being bed time. Once everyone was in their highchairs, it was getting the food to everyone before the first kid finished theirs. Then of course, it's the taste test. Pass it, you have an easy time, and everyone cooperates. Fail it, and it's Hell to pay.

Sierra is the most proper in her eating habits. She would dip one finger, and taste it first, then decide whether the dish deserved to be eaten or not. She was much calmer then the others, more feminine. She was gentle, and shy, just like little girls were stereotyped to be.

Stevie was more boisterous. She would scream and run around all day, causing mischief, and wiggling out of trouble. This was reflected in her eating habits, a hand plunged into the bowl, food smeared over her face, and about 1/3 of said food got to her mouth. She was a bigger clean up, but much, much easier to cater for.

Simon wasn't a big eater, he was a big player. That was for both his eating, and his personality. He would mess around with the food in the bowl, eating only when it had been completely mixed with the grime on his fingers. In his everyday life he would also rather play around, and discover new things, then stay clean and hang with his siblings. 

All my babies had the most amazing personalities, and I loved them all, and I often wondered where they got their interests and tastes.

Simon was always the easiest to put to sleep. Maybe it was all that energy spent during the day, but I loved him for it. A kiss on the head, and a flick of a switch, and before the girls were in bed, he was usually snoring softly.

Sierra hated bedtime. She was scared of the dark, so the lamp would be left on until she fell asleep, and she was such a light sleeper, any small sound from outside would wake her for hours.

Stevie was the worst. She didn't like bed, she wasn't afraid at all, in fact she had quite the brave streak, but she hated the idea of sleep. Any prank to stay up later she would pull, and since she shared a room with Sierra, it usually kept them both up.

This night was no different. She grabbed my hand tightly, and wouldn't let go.

"It's bedtime Stevie. Time for sleep." I cooed, hoping to sooth her into a sleepy mood.

"No Mommy! Songs first!" She demanded loudly, holding tighter.


"Please Mommy?" She pleaded, eyes big. I couldn't refuse her, and she knew it too.

"Okay. One song, then sleep. Got it?" 

She nodded eagerly, and I went to sit in the song chair.

I spent a minute thinking of a song, then settled on one I loved so much myself. I glanced over to Stevie, who was sat sat in her bed, eyes bright.

"Lay down,Stevie. You can't sleep sitting."

She laid down obediently, and I cleared my throat quietly.

"Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side? Rainbows are visions, but only illusions, and rainbows have nothing to hide. So we've been told, and some choose to believe it, I know they're wrong, wait and see. someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me."

Looking over to the two cribs, I saw two sleeping forms instead of one, and silently left the room.

Walking down the stairs I heard the door click, and I knew Mike was home.

"Hey Baby." I called down, rushing to meet him.

"Hey Hun" He replied solemnly, his normal smile vacant from his face.

I knew straight away something was wrong, and I began to panic. I'd never been good with problem situations, and knew I hadn't changed with married life.

"What's wrong, Mike" I asked quietly.

"Come on. You're gonna wanna sit with me." He answered, taking my hand an leading me to the living room.

"So What's up?" I asked, tried in vain to sound casual.

"I didn't want this to happen. Keep that in mind. I tried everything to stop this, but it's had to be done."

"What is THIS  Mike?"

"Well. You see, Amy, I've.. I've been deployed."

"You've what?"

"I've been deployed, to leave in two months with my unit."

I stopped breathing. I stopped thinking, and feeling, and listening. Mike was going out to fight. My Mike, my husband, out to fight in a war with guns, and bombs, and killings.

This can't happen, I can't lose everyone I've cared for.

I jumped up, and moved to the corner, acting like I was inspecting the plant. My acting skills were non-existent, and I knew I had been seen through.

"Are you okay in there?" Mike whispered gently.

"Yea. Fine"


"How could I be okay? That stupid Captain of yours is sending my husband out die."

"Hey now. I'm not going to die! It's gonna be okay"

"H-how is t-this ok-kay?" I started heaving from crying.

I started bawling into Mike's shoulder, holding on to him tightly, wishing it was enough to keep him with me.

"I-I lo-o-ve you M-i-ike. Don't le-eave me-e." I managed to stutter through the tears.

"You know I wish I could stay here, with you, and our beautiful babies. But duty calls. We both knew this day would come."

"Yea, and I also know that someday I'm going to die, but knowing it's coming doesn't make it easier to swallow." I said, my voice stronger now.

He stroked my hair gently, in long, soothing motions.

"Please" I begged in vain.

He tried to distract me with soft, warm kisses that took away the tears. I began to relax, but couldn't forget the situation.

Mike took me upstairs, and continued to comfort me long into the night, for what could be the last time for all I know.

*Song is 'The Rainbow Connection' courtesy of the Muppets."


  1. Don't make Mike leave! And if he does ... don't make him die!

    1. I can't promise anything </3 But I can assure you that there will be twists and turns.

    That can't happen! D:

  3. I may just crawl into your game and steal Tiny Tim.....
    My obsession with that aside, what a cute chapter, until Mike got deployed of course. That is just one of those necessary evils in making a good story :(

    1. I do love Tim :3 He's a real gentle giant, and such a sweetheart.
      Thanks, and yes it is. But as I mentioned above dont assume anythings finished until the gen ends.


  4. The triplets are a handful. Am is turning out to be a great mom to them even if it is hard.

    Why are you sending Mike away? This isn't going to end well. :(

    1. They sure are >_> She sure is, even with her questionable past.

      I hate myself for doing it, but I must. Can't promise anything either way </3

      Thanks to you

  5. I will destroy you if Mike dies. No matter how much of a good story it'd make.

    1. Uh oh.

      He's probably thankful for so many supporters.