Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chapter 3.3 ~ Growing

Life got hard in different ways after I left home. I no longer had the constant guilt surrounding me with every wall, and with disproving eyes always on me. Nope, here I was free of that, with the trials and tribulations of being a housewife to an army man.

It wasn't too many weeks after our wedding night that I started seeing signs of something interesting around the corner. I had learnt enough in Health class to know a few signs, and a test from the local store confirmed my hunch. Against all odds, Amethyst Carmody was becoming the one thing she loathed most: A Mother.

It was so odd to think that 25 years ago this had been my mother, but she had had a much different predicament. It irked me to have an extra connection to her, another thing I could supposedly use to 'relate' to her, but as much as it sickened me I couldn't find a way to be upset with the turn of events.

It didn't take Mike a minute to get excited. Every night would end with a goodnight to the baby. Well I say baby, but twins ran in the family, aside from myself that is. I had to expect twins too.

I'd get my own goodnight too, one that I cherished every time, and looked forward too every day. No matter how hard a day Mike had had at work, I'd always get every ounce of energy he had left, a love so strong I couldn't imagine it ever breaking down.

Mike worked more now. Things got riskier everyday, with him climbing up the ranks with great ease. I knew that being a solider had it's risks, and to expect the worst news everyday: "Honey? I've been deployed." I'd not heard news of it yet, but  I knew it could happen any day.  He would spend endless hours explaining his work to me, the risks, benefits, everything. Nothing swayed my worry, only soothed it for a day or two.

Mike never swayed in his dedication to me and the baby even through the tougher times at work. That's why I loved him, someone I could finally count on for once in my life. Someone who wouldn't be swept away from me in a whirlwind move made by someone I thought I knew. 

I had a lot less to do these days. I was lonely, though I'd never admit it. I may have had almost everyone hating me at home, but there were always people there. I found it strange to be alone in the house all day. I'd take Tim out for walks whenever I felt up to it, which wasn't often for a while, since my morning sickness went on for longer then I'd expected from my research. Tim enjoyed the walks, and we had a lot of time to bond with each other.

I'd sit around and watch TV whenever my back hurt too much, or when every jolt made me throw my cookies. I'm pretty sure I've watched every episode of  "Family Sim" since time began 100 times over.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with Moon, and Jet if she'd answer. We'd grown closer since the wedding, having finally broke down the thick wall that had separated us since my Father's murder. They were both excited for the upcoming birth, Moon was betting on two girls, and Jet one boy. They had money on it and everything.

The nursery was built, one for a boy, and one for a girl because we planned for another at one point, and we'd better prepare for either outcome regarding the genders. I liked the girls nursery better myself, with the cute butterfly theme, but that's just the silly 'Momma-to-Be" syndrome kicking in.

At the end of my pregnancy, Mike started to worry like an old lady, about just about EVERYTHING! The floor being too slippy, the bed not soft enough for my tender midsection, the cleaning products being too strong...and Tim being a raging ball of germs and dirt. Mike insisted on a bath every night, especially if Tim wanted to spend the night in our room. I never thought it necessary, but to appease Mike, Tim was bathed regularly. The bonus was that he smelt good all the time, never a bad thing with the intense pregnancy nose kicking in.

Tim was allowed to sit with me after his baths, and we would enjoy some quality TV time, or fall asleep together on the couch, depending on both our moods. He was such a gentle giant I didn't once worry for the vulnerable package I had carried for nine months, or for the babies after they came into the world. He wouldn't do anything to put them in danger, in fact, I expected quite the opposite, a diligent guard dog.

It was when I was watching said TV that the first signs of labor kicked in. A small tickle by my ankle made me flinch, and when I went to itch my leg, I felt wetness. I immediately stood, and the first contraction hit. Hard.


That got him coming. It sounded like elephants on the stairs, and withing a half second he was in the hallway with the car keys and my jacket.

After 21 hours of tiring labor,  I gave birth to the three most beautiful being I'd ever set my eyes on. You heard me, three. Triplets most definately do not run in the family, but I guess I should have seen it coming.  Both Jet and Moon got their wish, with two girls and a boy.

I should probably introduce you to them all.

This is Simon. He's my baby boy, with mysterious blue eyes, and my blonde hair.

This is Stevie, with both my purple eyes, and blonde hair.

And finally, there's little Sierra, with the same mystery eyes as Simon, and her Daddy's hair color.

As I settled my now larger family into bed, I knew that although I was in for a lot of work, I'd never be lonely again.


  1. I've been reading your whole legacy so far, and I've fallen in love with it! You're a brilliant writer. I'm wondering how you're going to turn this generation around... they seem so happy.

    1. Hey! Thanks love! I'm glad you like it, and that I can keep you entertained. Aha.. Well that's a secret I have to keep to myself.

    2. (I changed my name, I'm still the same person lol) Awww, because the way the last gen ended was just so... sad. :'(

    3. Hey, my Sims 3 account is abc3. Excuse the terrible name, I made it so long ago... Anyway, just gonna say that I'm sooo looking forward to the next chapter! My friend and I are huge fans, and we're gonna start a legacy like this soon, too. :)

    4. I accepted your FR :)

      I'm glad you're looking forward to it, I hope that it will be a good one! The real 'action' is starting now.

      I'd love to read your legacy when it's out :#

  2. AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE! TRIPLETS! I wuv them all. Especially Simon. Such a little cutie pie. <3
    ... Yay!

    1. I was so surprised. I'd planned for two, or possibly one, but got three... O_O

      I love them too!

  3. Oh my triplets. She won't be lonely at home any more. :) They are so cute.

    1. No, she certainly won't. Thanks.

    2. Wow! I read every single chapter in two days when I saw the thread on the sims3 website. I have to say I love it! It's sad, but I love it!

    3. Thanks Austra! I'm glad you liked it, and I hope to see you around the thread!

  4. Hey! It's gsdluver4... I am too lazy to log in :/ Anywho, this was an amazing set of chapters! I really hope Amy and Mike don't have more kiddos, I think 3 is enough.

  5. Hey Gurl <3

    Well...heh..*cough* that's kinda too late..But not too man more, unless I get another set of random trips :)